A few days ago, GMHikaru and I played some blindfold chess against subscribers. A separate video will come out where play Blindfold Fischer Random. If you want to play against me or Hikaru, gotta be a subscriber.

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  1. I too play like I'm blindfolded. But that's mostly the 900.

  2. Reads the title: oh this ok that is wow I'm is that

  3. perfectly fine until you realize hikaru is visualizing diffrent types of juicers

  4. 4:06 is there a reason (other than being blindfolded) why he did not play Bb4?

  5. there should be a tournament of blindfold chess…

  6. 2 time I said this is the best chess Channel ever

  7. sir please create a video how to play blindfolded chess

  8. I could play a bullet match against blindfolded Hikaru and still lose

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  10. I did not know the format since I'm new to online chess and thought hikaru was playing against levy. I was like, is he playing such bad moves because he wants a fairer game against levy? Was so confused for like 5 minutes

  11. You introduced me to the chess world thank you for opening doors to me. It has helped me get through tough times and I appreciate that.

  12. levy getting lost in hikaru's mind palace!! 🤯

  13. I can’t beat him with my eyes open let me try with a blindfold

  14. 24:06 Why he says 3 instead of a3? And why Hikary understands what he's thinking?

  15. it is not fare beicas when they say ther move it takse them 3 sseends to say it

  16. You guys are so on a different level than us mere mortals.

  17. 14:04 LOL the way levy just confirmed "yep" not realizing that hikaru wanted him to short castle

  18. i love levi and hikaro freindship

  19. A 950 litteraly has 0% chance agaist Levy even blindfolded

  20. Hikaru moves pieces from Levys accaunt. Levy plays blindfolded.

  21. I just did a blindfold game that went like
    1. E4 … E5
    2. C3 … C6
    3. Bc4 … F5
    The first game looked familiar to me

  22. if you play the qtcinderella she says that you are a bad coach

  23. I wanna see them both blindfolded and just talk to each other with their moves

  24. why does hikaru puts the flag of israel

  25. Levy: Let’s see if he sees this.

    Well you can’t.

  26. 2:13 if you play knight d4 it will be a fork if he put Queen that not protect c2 knight c2 and free rook

  27. I am quitting chess bcoz of this mf's😢😢

  28. Blindfold or not, chess is satisfying to watch!

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  30. Hikaru can almost never win with his crazy arrows

  31. the funniest part about this video is that these guys are just shredding people blindfolded and then levy wipes his face bc he doesnt realize he took his glasses off and then hikaru forgets the position of his coffee 😂

  32. niceeeee…. 3:12 didn’t say pawn hahhaaaaa…nvm you can’t move the knight hahaaaaaa

  33. Hikaru is like the stock fish of this game

  34. How tf did he remember he had a knight on c6???

  35. Hikaru casually hanging Ng4 in his first blindfolded game 😂

  36. So i wake up,Chek my phone and see this in recomended ,and i was like "NO WAY!" because the tumbnail looked like a tumbnail from a music video.

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