Gotham Yells At Frank

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  1. Gotham doesn't yell here half as much as in his own breakdowns 😆

  2. Gothams British acsent. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I mean, either way, he will lose his bishop cuz of the black queen

  4. Bro copied his accent,thats some level of mockery lol

  5. I love how Gotham mocked Frank by repeating his “What were you finking”.

  6. The thing is whatever way he did. It the queen takes back so it's still stupid

  7. Frank has become my favorite stranger of all time in just a couple of weeks

  8. “This is not me”
    Must be a fantom or an imposter

  9. When Levy mimics frank at the beginning because of his accent lol

  10. I loved the part where Gotham yells at Frank. My fav part of this short.

  11. As a person who is an imbecile, I can confirm what he was thinking

  12. 1)He is learning from his mistakes
    2)Has a great teacher
    3)Has a large following
    He is set up for success

  13. You ever look back on a game you lost even after like a day or two? Lol. Bullshit…. I almost had him. Then you see the dumbest move ever made. Lol. Chess fucking sucks but I love it

  14. Idiot, dawg could've take the knight with his pawn

  15. stop with the taking the piss out of how he speaks cowboy

  16. This is just how I react to my previous games I played when I was. I am scared to even analyse them due to uncountable blunders💀

  17. "Im an Imbesieal"
    Also gotham
    "Seriously what were you finking"
    I guess hes not the only one 💀💀💀

  18. Bro blundered so hard that he didnt even remember his moves

  19. Video title"Gotham yells at Frank" 😆

  20. Giving of "I AM A SURGEON I AM A SURGEON" vibes

  21. "seriously what were you finking you're an imbiciel"

  22. If you ever feel useless..just remember that I exist.
    White Pencil 🤍

  23. Dude i keep telling you the perfect loop doesn’t ex-

  24. no one going notice how gotham is american a used a full british accent for what were you finking your an imbeciie

  25. Frank is so strong he got nerfed by the chess god

    but he is still better than everyone

  26. I don’t get why everyone’s so obsessed with Frank, he’s just a random fat guy.

  27. I’m sorry but “Finking”?? Can we just acknowledge that they both said “Finking”??

  28. What is the difference there is a knight standing to capture it

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