GPT-4 Plays Chess Against Itself

In this video, GPT-4 Plays Chess Against Itself. Will white win, or will black win?

I decided to include the messages this time. Last time I didn’t. It took a bit longer, however, I really like the results.

AI is crazy. GPT-4 is way way way better than GPT-3.5 (ChatGPT) was at chess. It can play a full game with only a few blunders!



  1. For the beginning prompts, I used a slightly modified version of the "Act as an Chess Player" prompt from here: prompt was contributed by somebody named orcuntuna. Here's the original prompt:I want you to act as a rival chess player. I We will say our moves in reciprocal order. In the beginning I will be white. Also please don't explain your moves to me because we are rivals. After my first message i will just write my move. Don't forget to update the state of the board in your mind as we make moves. My first move is e4.

  2. Gpt 4 is much better at chess at very least

  3. A perfect chest is like a perfect society no one wins and no one loses

  4. i like how on move 48 black makes 4 illegal moves in a row in the middle of almost completely normal chess. gpt3.5's chess strategy leaked for a second there

  5. Damn the ai was really struggling at the end with making a legal move ☠️

  6. ok it's still bad at chess which is bad news

  7. 1:09 "i play f6, solidifying my structure and protecting my e5 pawn" has no e5 pawn XD

  8. GPT-4 definitely better than GPT-3.5 at making legal moves.
    Maybe try giving it all the moves that have been played, or the FEN position? I found it works with GPT-3.5 very well

  9. Well at least it didn't destroy the entire universe like chat GPT!

  10. this is pointless, it starts with a standard opening and then it makes random moves like 3.0

  11. I don’t understand why the illegal moves. Should you first start by teaching it the chess rules, and then use the other prompt to play chess with it?

  12. If you want to know, here's the first meme move 0:37 it's not the move, it's the reason that is to double his 2 rooks… H e o n l y
    h a s o n e .

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