Grable Plays 4-Player Chess (Mini)

Playing 4-player chess, on This variant is “ThroneWar Mini” a faster version of the classic “War For Throne” variants. The game rules are 3-check, king of the hill (more details below). This time, we play two shorter games with time controls of 1 minute (initial time) and 3 seconds added to your clock per move. Hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you’d like to see more.

ThroneWar Mini: Each player starts with 8 pawns which can promote to kings on the 3rd rank, and one “Royal” king. For the purposes of king-of-the-hill, and standard chess moves, only the royal king functions the same way a king does in regular chess. All others are essentially pawns that can move in any direction, 1 space. Capturing a pawn counts as 1 point, kings=3 points, and giving checkmate counts as 40 points. If all other players lose on time, or if a royal king makes it to one of the centre 4 squares, all remaining kings are checkmated. Stalemated kings are also awarded their own 40 points.

The time control in this version was a bit faster than last week’s, and we’re able to fit in two games. I would encourage anyone who thinks this looks like fun to log on and try it out!


  1. I dont understand how he won. I only understood how he made green come second

  2. Me seeing this video recommended:
    You know, I'm a bit of a chess player myself

  3. Confused on how to access 4 player chess mini

  4. Normal Chess: Pawns!!! protect the king


    Kings!!! protect the pawns

  5. Honestly satisfaction to see yellow in game 2's elo tank 20 points. I am super glad camping isn't a valid strategy at all.

  6. so your being anti-social and a rules lawyer in the non-competive gamemode, which makes the match boring so nobody can have fun. also you just hand 2nd place wins to high rated player becouse your prejudice.

  7. "Promoting is good."
    A motto I live my life by.

  8. What is your political view on promoting in this game mode? I think its good but I'm wondering what your political view is.

  9. the guy who created chess: i wonder to what will people with do with chess in 100s of years later


  10. I didnt know the rules coming into the video XD

  11. WTF is this game?? Its checkers not chess!

  12. Btw, great video, it popped up on my recommended a a while ago. Definitely going to watch more from this channel!

  13. Amazing fun video to watch! I'm not that good at chess but, this is kinda a whole new chess and new chances for me.

  14. Im just gonna comment for the algorithm

  15. this has essentially turned into a more complicated version of checkers

  16. his voice is like badboyhalo's voice

  17. 180k views but less than 1k subs?

  18. youtube recoendations norally> cringe

    yorutbe recomendations when i am trying to conenctare: good

  19. the yellow do the same move 22917683216281376 time

  20. 5:06 its funny in the chat box for the red that begging for mercy😂

  21. Mas que porra de partida variada é essa

  22. Idk but it was satisfying to see yellow in the second game lose

  23. This vidio is spwan in my YouTube Rekomended ( every day)

  24. What is this game called and do they have a online app version

  25. First time I see this kind of game. interesting, even though I don't fully get it ☺️

  26. Are you Grable?

    The Shinkmaester

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