Grable Plays 4-Player Chess (Variant #13)

4-Player Chess:
Game Link:


  1. Your slowly becoming more popular good for you man- love the chess content 👌

  2. I love your chess videos dude! Could you play the mini variant again? (It’s my favorite)

  3. Wait are you the same guy with the beard?? Why did you shave it? xD No you can't be the same… If you are… You look like a COMPLETELY different person lol Anyway, enjoy your uploads <3

  4. Do you stream? If so, then on which platform?

  5. lemme see you chat-ban a person please anonymously btw I am cuber4130

  6. this channel is none of your business says:

    hey grable…
    i dare u to beat qilp

  7. Greetings from Russia!
    Im in love with your videos
    This content deserves to be popular

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