Grable Plays 4-Player Chess (Variant #5)

Playing 4-player chess, on This variant is “War For Throne,” one of my favourites. The game rules are 4-check, king of the hill (more details below). This time, we’re playing time controls of 1 minute (initial time) and 2 seconds to make each move before the clock starts counting down. Hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you’d like to see more.

War For Throne: Each player starts with 20 pawns which can promote to kings on the 4th rank, and one “Royal” king. For the purposes of king-of-the-hill, and standard chess moves, only the royal king functions the same way a king does in regular chess. All others are essentially pawns that can move in any direction, 1 space. Capturing a pawn counts as 1 point, kings=3 points, and giving checkmate counts as 40 points. If all other players lose on time, or if a royal king makes it to one of the centre 4 squares, all remaining kings are checkmated. Stalemated kings are also awarded their own 40 points.

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