Grandmaster Hans Niemann Plays Me For A Date

GM Hans Niemann, a young talented chess grandmaster (top-100 in the world rankings), came prepared for his match vs Andrea Botez. The stakes are high. If he manages to win three games in a row, he will get a date with Andrea. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, who you are rooting for!
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  1. Moves so fast!. wOW did I WATCH a BATTERY?!

  2. Moves so fast!. wOW did I WATCH a BATTERY?!

  3. Andrea: "I'm not saying a word to you next match"
    Hans: *plays d4
    Andrea: "STOP THAT!"

  4. Hans just keeps making these banging jokes. Is he that eager?

  5. Think by the end of that he realised. OK don’t worry about the dating thing.

  6. If they get together I hope he won’t cheat😂

  7. The guy talked like he practiced all his life just for this moment. But I have no doubt in my mind that he just wants to bang her and after that he’s just history.

  8. I thought one rule is that you can only use one hand for moving pieces and hitting the clock?

  9. He's definitely qualified to be a cashier in a convenience store.

  10. Was this posted before of after the scandal

  11. He kind of impressed me i dont think he is a cheater

  12. She was lucky, he didn't flip the table and scream "HOW IS SHE SO SMART" this time.

  13. The most beautiful bunch of flowers but who appreciates it!

  14. he is so good that you can hear his moves in morse code

  15. I know it’s probably late but I still ship you guys

  16. If I was playing against her to win a date I would be completely turned off when I realize that she wants to double or nothing and has no interest in dating

  17. WTF man !
    why would you accept to go out with a Chess CHEATER..

    Andria, don't let this cheating nerdy punk go between your lovely legs

  18. u dated a cheater, joke aside, good game.

  19. You can see Hans vibrating with joy as we beat Andrea

  20. Man’s marital aids were running so fast you can hear it humming and sense the heat through the screen.

  21. Niemann could teach you some dirty chess technics, with little help from anal beads!

  22. Guys lets be honest Hanz plays really freaking well. He played so well for someone who has 30 seconds here. I dont think over the board, he cheated at all as it is VERY hard to do with all those security measures over MULTIPLE different tournaments. This guy legit outplayed magnus in that world cup game and his chess is very exciting and high level imo. When i watch a Hanz game, I know it will be exciting. Magnus? Well, not always

  23. she wanted this to proof something about Hans, she did not expected to lose..

  24. Niemann maried Andrea and Carlson maried Alexandra kkkkk and 2 Goats in the Future:-) My best regards from Cap Verde:-)!

  25. I'll never understand why they play her for a date. If she is not into you enough to go on a date with you without a bet, you won't get shit out of the date anyway.

  26. She clearly uses her appearance to distract and intimidate. So what's the point of his clear efforts at ugliness? The nasty hair, the clothes he found in a dumpster….

  27. So she was not good for her word on the bet…

  28. Hans is so fast, and his face showed like hes not even thinking. Great talent.

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