Grandmaster Tries 4-Player Chess

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  1. Anyone else frustrated that he doesn't take a minute to actually read the rules

  2. 4 player chess is where bonds are broken and friendships destroyed

  3. Please keep uploading these game variants. They are really interesting

  4. @4:57 blue cant really take the knight there because despite them both being strong players, you dont know if yellow will see the mate threat. then all of a sudden he's lost his queen and given you a bunch of points for a checkmate. I've been stung so many times like this using a tactic but it backfires because the other players involved are stupid

  5. I would suck at four player chess (I suck at all forms) but it does look like loads of fun.

  6. 4 player chess is one of the most complex variants. I know only two GMs who are playing this regularly: Nakamura (he is not very good at it, for example, we have the same rating for now) and Illingworth (one of the top 10 players). Usually chess GMs are not very good at 4PC (but usually are still good). And on the contrary: top 4PC players have something like 2000 rating in their FIDE profiles. I would like to watch more videos about 4PC.

  7. 19:14 "high rated in 4pc, probably he's not good at chess(standard chess)" 😅 oh this hits hard cus it's true I'm like 2300 4pc and 1600 blitz in standard chess🤦😆😆😆

  8. Didn't we see this a month ago?

  9. FINALLY after waiting YEARS, there is some more 4 player chess content on YouTube. Already watched everything on it from Danny, Hammer, Hikaru, Gotham, Botez et al. For some reason people will upload a video on it and then nothing… I hope you stick with it Aman, it's my favourite chess content!

  10. Ahh👌🏾. I used to love this variant a few years ago.
    One of the great formats👌🏾.
    Too bad it's not on mobile…
    But it's fun

  11. if you want to not be disappointed by a lack of tactical awareness, then play teams

  12. I'm loving this thing of exploring new chess variants, please keep it up!! It might get fewer views compared to other series, but we still enjoy it, love your content Aman <3

  13. Winning his first game, while discovering the rules as he goes along. Some people …

  14. That's actually a very interesting variant, it really stretches your brain and requires board vision. I hope you play more of it in the future.

  15. The whole chess community: OH nO MagNus HAnS!!
    Aman: 4 player chess time

  16. ah i forgot about this. i went on a kick played this all the time a year or 2 ago. cant wait to watch

  17. with 4 players it introduces politics in the game

  18. ya play more 4 player chess get good as f at it so i can get better by watching lol

  19. This is one of, if not THE most entertaining chess videos I've ever seen on any channel for a couple reasons. (Although I'm sure it helps that chessbrah is already my favorite channel, lol.) Please hear me out and see if you agree, although this comment is really meant for anyone.

    I'd love it if you played more 4P chess for any reason, even just casually and/or trying to learn to be good at it in its own separate video. In most cases, content where someone is a master at something, and then goes to try a modified version of that and tries to figure out what new strategies it offers is just so interesting and entertaining to watch, and I'm sure many others would agree.

    The videos where Hikaru tried 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel was also some of the most entertaining chess videos I've ever seen for that reason. Now of course, I love your videos where you do a certain challenge, like for a more recent example, the one where you couldn't use the F file. But as mentioned previously, videos like this where a master of something tries a version that changes one or more core mechanics of the game is extremely fun to watch when you try and figure out what new strategies the changed mechanics entail.

    Hopefully, in the future we'll get to see more videos like this, or more 4P chess videos in general! 😀

  20. This looks kinda fun. Will have to check it out next time I'm tired of playing blitz

  21. Finally, someone doing something that has any sense in 4p chess

  22. finally aman cut his hair, it looked like he was hiding a balding spot

  23. If you mate another player you should get all their pieces.

  24. Aman, great haircut. You look clean man, CLEAN.

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