Grandmasters Playing Troll Chess Openings, But They Only Get Crazier

Hikaru Nakamura, Magnus Carlsen, and many super grandmasters play interesting openings in chess tournaments.
Hikaru Nakamura was playing 1.a3, 1.Nh3, 1…a5 in the Speed Chess Championship and Hikaru had this to say about his opening strategy: “So there’s a certain former world champion who also does the same thing having won the last five speech chess championships.”

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  1. That nepo + dubov was amazing πŸ˜‚

  2. First of all why is Hikaru in most of these videos? And second of all. Why is Magnus also in almost all of these video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. That last clip was excellent! Enjoyed the whole video

  4. The fact that Hikaru has obviously still fun during play chess is amazing.

  5. GM Daniel is one of the funniest GMs and he's acting normally not like a Grandmaster "LOLs" πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

  6. "lets go pawn again… ok lets go pawn… and lets go pawn again… and now we go pawn again i sink. and pawn again yeah ok. Ok lets go pawn." LOL Dubov

  7. Cant believe they left out Hikaru doing the alphabet opening in a chess tournament not that long ago. his first move in each match in the tournament went a3, then a4, b3, b4, c3, c4, etc…

  8. When a top 10 player starts with an outside pawn I think there is a little bit of them forcing their opponent out of any prep they have done. So it not just for laughs.

    Right now I think the cow opening falls into this category. Eventually people will know how to punish it. But right now they don’t. So it’s winning some in tournaments.

  9. You should release more videos like this. They’re more likely to blow up in views

    They don’t have to just be silly ones either, you can do compilations of legendary games/moves/sacrifices etc.

    It promotes the sport and gives a chance for people to learn a little about some of the players themselves, which will make the viewers more invested.

  10. Playing London and Colle when you really need to win was legend.

  11. About 2/3 through the video "GMs play troll openings" Ding Liren plays the london lol

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