Gukesh At 17 Is Already An Elite Chess Player? #chess #gukesh #worldcup

Gukesh is unstoppable…

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  1. What Fabi is referring to here is that there's a difference between reaching the top 10 and maintaining that position for an extended period.

  2. Magnus said that he has the potential to be decent.

  3. He has to have that confidence right now. We have so much more time to watch his game transcend.

  4. Rapport is better than gukesh let's not kid yourself, most creative in fact

  5. Ironically, Gukesh live rating is sandwiched between Giri and Nepo

  6. The thumbnail looks like he’s blowing out a bong hit

  7. I am saving this video, and wait the day Gukesh destroys Caruana.

  8. would like to see gukesh destroy caruana over the board then repeat to him the question. India chess is on the rise and BRICS countries are showing that we are superior to the west in every aspect. Gukesh, pragg, arjun and more will be world champions and contenders. Not too far before we see a full indian world championship

  9. Gukesh is really strong but its still too early to compare him to anish, fabi, ian, ding who have in top 10 for more then 10 years.

  10. It's important to know that Fabiano is not putting him down. He is rating him 20 Elo points above this official rating. That is a lot. Having a good tournament is not the same as keeping the ranking.

  11. What’s up with the thumbnail? Did Fabi catch his Jewfro on fire with a bong rip?

  12. I like how Fabi only compared him to literally the absolute top 10 people on earth lol. Fabi himself is probably #5 or so…Jan was #2 for awhile lol. There literally isn't anyone on that level on Earth!

  13. these top 10 guys like magnus, fabi, hikaru, wesley, ian, anish..stayed there in decade….that when you considered elites

  14. Top players tend to feel uncomfortable about young stars making it into the elite. Gukesh already has the same rating as Giri, so I don't think it's silly to assume he is already as strong as him. I understand there might be areas of the game where he is not as complete as the top players, but when you sit across an opponent who can calculate faster than you, you are basically in trouble.

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