Hikaru, Agadmator, & Eric Rosen: Best Collab Ever?

On July 23, 2020, I played some 4 Player Chess on stream with Hikaru, Agadmator, and Eric Rosen—is this the greatest chess collaboration ever?

0:00 General Banter

GM Hikaru Nakamura:


Eric Rosen:


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  1. When levy had 21 points couldn't he just take a knight then would have 24 then would only need to capture pawn to win? They win at 25 ?

  2. Everyone playing chess meanwhile
    Eric making queens

  3. Hikaru I didn’t know you guys are real masters can we play. I played four person chess once. I would like to test my chess skills against a master.

  4. How about some three person chess videos

  5. levy could have claimed the victory a pure blunder 🥲🥲

  6. Can we get a 4 player teams disrespect speed run?

  7. Eric was the definition of 🤩 at the start. I love it.

    And Hikaru immediately saying he needs to assert dominance since he's the best made me laugh.

  8. Is it just me that wants to see them all vs magnus carlson

  9. Man the trolling and trash talking. Amazing content!!! Couldn't stop laughing

  10. Me watching 4 player chess for the first time: ahh yes, i totally see why that's a great move ( i have no idea why it was a great move)

  11. 18:36 Levy should take the pawn and after that take the queen. He missed it.

  12. I keep thinking that part of the board is covered but the boards just shaped funky lol

  13. Gothams russian accent vs Agads Yugoslav accent

  14. Hikaru sitting without any words for the first 2 mins just crackling up is just new to me

  15. Eric: "I'm just trying to lay low and not get smashed"

  16. PLEASE start a podcast with all 4 of you. It would be pretty awesome.

  17. eric seems like he would be good friends with sheldon cooper

  18. I already watched this but forgot how funny it was

  19. That fade away of Hikaru's smile when Eric checked him 💀

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