Hikaru, Agadmator, & GothamChess Can’t Handle All My Queens | 4 PLAYER CHESS

0:00 Waiting for Agadmator
0:33 How to pronounce Antonio/Agadmator?
2:26 Agadmator joins
4:14 Airline Lounges
5:00 How to actually pronounce Antonio/Agadmator

This was my first 4 player chess collaboration stream and I was joined by chess gods @GothamChess, @GMHikaru, and @agadmator’s Chess Channel. Check them out on Twitch and YouTube…

IM Levy Rozman:

GM Hikaru Nakamura:


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  1. that plot twist move was actually smart, i think thats actually the fastest way to win if he thought gotham would checkmate hikaru, which he did, which let eric to checkmate gotham and checkmate agad lolol.

  2. the plot twist move is my favorite move, it completely changed the game and won it for eric, even though gotham got a lot of points it was worth it in the end for eric's game.

  3. this is eric 4 player immortal chess game gotham is right, this game is wracking my brain so hard its actually so big brain of eric to check hikaru then gotham is out of the game. omg

  4. Hikaru is wrong lol, no italian says Entonio wtf, he's completely wrong there but his italian is in a strong american english in general so that explains it.
    A being an ey or eh is literally only an american thing.

  5. I got an ad for bounty paper towels literal seconds before you mentioned them…

  6. Hikaru of all people should understand the pronunciation thing given his own name. I bet sometimes the H is silent and sometimes it's pronounced (no pun intended).

  7. Hikaru confidently saying Antonio the wrong way

  8. Eric saying "You disappeared to the VIP lounge." and"I never saw him again"🥺🤣

  9. Hikaru calculating the pronunciation instead of chess gets me everytime

  10. ontonio sounds like a german trying to say the name correctly in English

  11. Can someone explain how sacrificing a 2nd queen is better? yes it's less points, but it covers more squares so it can be more useful in late game so capture more pieces and therefore more points, no?

  12. Hikaru has some bullie vibes going on. Annoying to watch

  13. Rosen is right about the pronounciation of the 'a' in europe. Even in Italie, sorry Hikaru….😉

  14. In italian it's actually Antonio with the "A" sound as you said, nonetheless in american english it's the normal "A" sound as Gotham said (i am italian). However, you guys made me laugh for 5 minutes straight, first the accent on "Kasparov" then Nakamura's reaction ahahah.

  15. I'm Italian and the way Eric pronounce Antonio is closer to the right pronouncietion

  16. While everyone was chatting about pronunciations at the start….I wish someone would teach IMRosen how to pronounce the word "repertoire". He drives me crazy every time he says that word.

  17. Leaving the intro there with the Antonio or Antonio or the Hello everyone, and then not showing us how Antonio actually came into the chat is hilarious

  18. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    That twist ending was an absolute delight lol, what a payoff! 😆

  19. You guys are like those retired NBA stars who are now talk-show hosts but still chess all stars for life. Haha you guys are awesome. What a great time to be alive

  20. Hikaru's face when eric moved his queen to check him instead of levy 🤣

  21. Hikaru got that arrogant autism energy… Legit gets so tilted over LOSING that he walks away and doesn't watch the rest of the game. SAD

  22. The intro legit seemed like a Bing Bang Theory skit

  23. I thought "agadmator" was just a slightly scrambled "a mad gator."

  24. Actually it’s Eric’s version in the Netherlands

  25. Is hikaru learning in this clip that people from different regions say words differently based on the region they are from?

  26. You cant say as we all say, because you are not all?

  27. 4:30 hikaru cant help it 😭😭 bro eric was trying not to show up

  28. love content like this, personalities really shine through, casual fun with the competitive perspective

  29. If you check the description, you'll see Eric calling them "chess gods" even though they constantly mocked him. He replied with his chess. Eric is a Gigachad on a different level 🗿

  30. I can't understand chess when it's a normal board, this is like Chinese for me. I see it, but makes no sense.

  31. Eric talks like a character off of bobs burgers

  32. If anyone has flown Singapore Airlines… probably the best Airline company out there, service, lounges, economy is very good, sometimes free goodies, sizeable screens, very clean planes

  33. You may speak the language Hikaru but Antonio in Italy is pronounced like Rosen said. Not the american way.

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