Hikaru and Gotham Solved 4 Player Chess

An excerpt from the 4-Player Chess Session with Hikaru, Qiyu, and Alex “Manbunovich” Ostrovskiy.

In this video:
Hikaru Nakamura. Do I really have to put his links?
On twitch at

IM Alex Ostrovskiy streams on my channel and has an excellent Caro-Kann course:

and WGM Qiyu Zhou :arrow_right:


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  1. Chop sticks to eat chips to prevent mouse and keyboard from chip dust is big brain strat.

  2. I love how Gotham is trying hard to work out some strats and Hikaru is just stuffing his face and occasionally going "Yeah".

  3. "I eat chips with a straw" – Levy 2020

  4. When the heads of Hikaru and Gotham are combined into one chess super being, are their ratings multiplied or added?

  5. I would love to see Qiyu and Hikaru play over the board bullet chess, moving pieces with chopsticks.

  6. i suppose you hired the same guy who makes thumbnails for hikaru

  7. does hikaru's thumbnail editor work for you too levy

  8. Did not know that Ted Mosby was good at chess.

  9. I did not know Eric looked so strong without a shirt!

  10. eating chips with chopsticks is a brilliant idea!

  11. Hey levy,
    We would like some videos about blindfold chess
    Maybe how to develop the skill video 😀

  12. Wait… Didn’t I watch this already? Like a few days ago

  13. I just wanna know who is that one dude who disliked the video and his address. Any info is appreciated

  14. What's the picture behind you Levy? I want one!

  15. Look like yall playn Miami Vice… the book.

  16. Oh so this is the same game that Hikaru already posted and I saw it I was confused by the different placement of faces. But yeah, I will like it on this channel as well

  17. the two Asians eating chips with chopsticks is amazing

  18. I reaaally love when they burn each other and Qiyu has this question mark and Hikaru has to explain the joke… Levy can be a stand up comedian

  19. I honestly think you are a nice guy and I really like you. Thank you for content that you’re delivering us and please don’t stop doing what you like. Thank you

  20. Get Hans or Giri again for the next 4p stream

  21. I feel like Levy is more serious about 4 player chess than classical OTB chess

  22. 0:36 "Is that right? Is it? Let me check – Nope… And not here either? Are you sure Levy?"
    Rare moment when Hikaru forgets that Stockfish is on the ceiling and not the floor.

  23. What is this title ? They didn't solve anything ! Very bad click bait

  24. i like how everyone is thinking about plan, trying to win, and hikaru just eating)

  25. I've only got into watching chess recently (thanks covid) Gothham is who I found and latched on to and if there's one thing I've learned it's that Qiyu is always eating when I see her lol

  26. Levy sleeping while others planning😂😂😂

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