Hikaru Crushes Alex in Titled Tuesday with 99% Accuracy | Sync Chess

Hikaru Nakamura vs Alexandra Botez
online Blitz Match, chess game, online chess
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  1. The good news is that 19.4 us a confidence builder for us trash players I really beat myself up every time I'm less than 40.

  2. How did she get 19.4 accuracy with only two inaccuracies and two mistakes

  3. One thing I have never understood is why in chess the timer doesnt keep going down each new game you play the same player for the winning player till both have a 50% win ratio against each other. That to me would be the true definition of an equal matchup with ratings integrated. I would love to see a tournament over time implement this.

  4. When your game was going pretty smoothly and easy and then a random dungeon you didnt know appears and theres only one enemy inside of it .

  5. He's almost 1000 point over her lamo not fair at all

  6. okay okay pretty funny okay pretty funny okay

  7. im closer to Botez than she is to Nakamura based on rating thats crazy

  8. I didn't even know it was possible to get sub 20% accuracy

  9. How does it calculate accuracy, cant remember I ever had under 60, and in blitz rated like 1000. How is 19 even possible on this level?

  10. Thanks for the banshee scream at the start.

  11. Magnus and HIkaru remind me of Goku and Vegeta lol. Hikaru is DEFINITELY the Vegeta

  12. Definitely outclassed in that one. Better luck next time. 😊

  13. I like how the only reason he 99% and not 100% was because he purposely made another move that was good but not the perfect one just so he could go down another route of moves.

  14. i know she got completely outplayed which is expected but how tf did she get only 19.4% is something i just can't get a grasp off

  15. 19.4%??? There is the lowest score I have EVER seen

  16. From Alex's perspective, Hikaru is occasionally taking his time to make a move. From his perspective, he's doing commentary and reading his Twitch chat

  17. если Андреа Ботез выйдет замуж за Дмитрия Андрейкина она станет Андреа Андрейкина

  18. Alex: "Crap, What the hell am I doing!?".
    Hikaru: "Okay, this looks good. Hit the pawn, hit the rook, swig the water, adjust the fan. Everything is winning".

  19. mask the opponent's name, but not the rating.

  20. "even the worst player in the game gets a better score than that" she is saying that she can get a better score than that

  21. Hikaru crashes alex😂😂😂( fall in love 😘)🎉🎉🎉

  22. i like how hikaru just casually beats a wfm annd has 1000 elo more than her

  23. Why do people think that lunatic screaming is funny. It's unhinged and disturbing.

  24. Having a pretty face is easy mode when it comes to internet fame. And of course I'm talking about Hikaru.

  25. Why are some of the comments so sexist? In fact, the comments are only toxic when women are involved in things like this.

  26. Why can't you men just appreciate this collab instead of being sexist? If you are so sexist, why do you even watch the Botez sisters?

  27. You can one trick people with the French defense up to like 1500 ELO if you learn the lines since people suck at playing closed positions.

  28. How tf only 2 inaccuracies' and 2 mistakes drops the accuracy to freaking 19%??

  29. Men who write sexist comments about women need to be kicked off of YouTube.

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