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  1. The shallow archaeology contemporaneously stop because philippines statistically supply aboard a unequal singer. ultra, determined division

  2. I would love to see moist critikal and xqc as teammates in 4 player chess

  3. Holy shit 666 Comments anew I ruined it 🙂

  4. players: 4
    heads: 5
    missed mates: 17
    hikaru.exe frozen face: priceless

  5. Everytime Hikaru looks towards the ceiling : L1, R1, SQUARE(X), R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE (X), DOWN, L1, L1

  6. Our checkmates are too fast. New strat. I Hikaru will March my king into the middle of the board! They'll try to checkmate me and feel suspiciously fearful in doing it. Then you'll gobble up their pieces with your queen because they literally cannot see you.

  7. Team chess is the most entertaining. I would love to see more like this.

  8. Alexander cracking up: note from admin 😂

  9. lol I mean cause he got a good bodyguard 😂

  10. 6:12 instead of taking the rook, Levy could move his queen 4 squares diagonally left and up. The only reasonable way I can see by which Alexandra can avoid checkmate by the two queens on the very next move is to block the diagonal of Hikaru's queen with her rook – and I suspect she'd be doomed even in that case.

  11. I wonder if you guys ever tried bughouse chess. I'd probably love watching that, too.

  12. 12:49 Shouldn't Alexandra just advance the pawn blocking her queen's diagonal? Then if Hikaru moves left, Qiyu checks him with the knight and Alexandra mates by taking the queen; if he moves to the right and up, Qiyu takes the bishop with the queen and Alexandra mates by taking the queen. It wouldn't even matter if Levy could also checkmate Qiyu in the meantime because it's Hikaru's turn first.

  13. 23:42 ok, I'm probably completely blind but why can't Hikaru just take Qiyu's queen?

  14. I have been watching these out of order, but with agamato as red, he got down to a single king and got stalemated into no moves so yes draw possible.

  15. I just love when hikaru laugh and then hikaru exe just immediately turn on

  16. Please make new 4player chess videos😃 love them

  17. @20:00 wondering if a gm & ims are actually playing. Maybe it's because of playing b2b

  18. thanks guys, a most enjoyable evening watching and listening to you in 4 Player Chess

  19. Hikaru 1987-Present -Just dont get checkmated

  20. At 19:48 isn’t that not mate in 2? Red queen takes pawn, yellow bishop takes pawn, green bishop takes queen to stop check and yellow bishop could take green bishop but then dies to green queen? (Sorry if I am wrong or this is confusing)

  21. They play this game and do not know the rules of mathematics. This game cannot be guaranteed to win even if they play with a computer. So it is not possible to make a computer that plays this game and wins it always and strongly.
    support this guys by liking this comment .

  22. Lol while everybody else got 10ish secs hikaru is siting with 1.50 min

  23. I'm pretty bad at chess and don't know all the rules of 4 players chess… how is 19:47 a checkmate? Can't Levy just capture the red queen with his bishop or knight if they actually played it?
    Edit: 12 seconds later I realized that even the best players can be outsmarted by their own chat after a long and tiring day LOL

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