Hikaru Plays 5D Chess For The First Time

Hikaru tries to learn some 5D chess – watches a video then plays some.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Tutorial Video
8:07 First Puzzles
21:34 First Human Game

#gmhikaru #chess #5dchess


  1. I really REALLY wish i was there with him so i could actually explain whats going on

  2. a classic example of a cup being more useful when it is empty

  3. The guy couldn't beat the GM Hikaru at normal chess so he just created another super confusing chess

  4. This is hilarious, I stopped caring about the game after the first 2 minutes 🤣

  5. "I thought the puzzles were clear!" he says, after completely misunderstanding the puzzles.

  6. The number of times that Hikaru says "now I've got it!" when in fact, he did not get it.

  7. This is like trying to figure out y ur gf is mad at u.

  8. Laugh in elo 250 while understanding 5D chess

  9. I remember when I played 5D chess for the first time. It was all the way back in 2164.

  10. It would have been a lot easier had he switched to parallel mode more in that tutorial.

  11. This is only 4D chess it completely ignores the 3rd dimension; 5d chess would be that tiered 3d chess game plus these time rules.

  12. I understand the movement of the pieces but I don't understand how this is five dimensions … I'm only counting 4

  13. Teacher: The test isn’t that hard.
    Test: Win a game of 5D chess

  14. >okay I think I get it now for the n-th time
    >proceeds to not get it at all
    This is basically us in 2d chess

  15. As someone who instantly got how this game works, this was fascinating to watch.

  16. Why is it 5d though? I can't even see why people call it 4d here. Normal chess is a 2d game – each move is described by two axises, a letter + a number, aka X and Y. This game adds another dimension which is "time", aka Z. So you have 3 degrees of freedom, which now describes a 3d space. So technically it looks to me like a 3d chess. A pure 3d chess however would be a cube field like 8x8x8 where pieces can go up and down, like a knight that goes two squares down and one left for example (and this is what they do here in this game). Though in this game the "cube" builds itself as the game progresses, duplicating all the pieces and moving them to the new layer, and each layer is added on every move. It forbids to move any pieces on a layer other than the top one. The game also allows to only go "down" into the past, and not "up", which in this context would be into the future. Going "down" creates an alternative cube. Also the dimensions of this field is 8x8xN, where N is the number of moves. So the third dimension is kind of special and it's more like 2d+1 multiverse. So where is the 4d and even 5d come from?

  17. that video explains so bad the game its hilarious…

  18. I like that hikaru was watching an aliensrock video to learn the game

  19. 25:42 in the chat
    Dieses Video gehört nun offiziell der Deutschen Behörde

  20. I want to see the physical table top version of this

  21. Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness says:

    this is Chess 2.

  22. bruh 5D doesn't have to mean time is a traversable dimension 💀 why was this game made like that?

  23. I can't believe he didn't say "it's just winning" in the first game xddd

  24. I was screaming at my phone in the beginning trying to explain how the pieces worked lol

  25. This feels like the time I didn't understand how knights move

  26. Hikaru is probably the only one that legitimately tries to understand the game and doesn't just wing it and hopes for the best

  27. watching this HIGH my brain is melting

  28. Like everyone who got it. Thank my physics teacher))

  29. Why there's a 5D chess while there's no 3D 🤣

  30. my homies who know linear algebra knows this is still 3D chess (5x8x8)

  31. I already was bad at one board chess dude

  32. Hikaru is the dumbest genius ever, he could go ultra instinct but also have 50IQ at the same time.

  33. I like how he always says "Ah I get it" and then doesn't get it haha

  34. PogChamps 3: 5D Chess edition
    "So here xQc was checkmated in 6 different dimensions"

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