Hikaru Puts Down Money vs South African Chess Hustler

With time odds and money odds on the table, can any of these talented South African players defeat the legendary Hikaru Nakamura in speed chess?!

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  1. 2:08 why didn't take white the pawn on a7? Was it poisonous? If yes, why?

  2. Look at 3:584:04. The Chess Hustler illegally moves the (his)King and (Hikaru)pawn from the E file to the D File to try and gain an advantage on Hikarus Rook… and still loses

  3. In a different life that guy might’ve been a top 10 player in the world but the way his cards were dealt he’s a chess hustler

  4. 4:02 looks like the hustler put his king on the wrong square after capturing

  5. Omg, the speed of the endgame.
    Both are good

  6. Hikaru : sacks his own bishop

    South african guy : ''I don't like this''

  7. That's big money for us. 5 bucks he put on the line

  8. Come on. There is no way someone that plays well enough to take Nakamura to endgame and can play that fast doesn't know who he's playing against.

  9. South African put down a R10 (10 rand) note. Hikaru put down a R100.

  10. Hustler kept trying to knock down pieces "on accident" so he can switch positions but Hikaru was on it…same shit the cheating hustlers in NYC always try to do.

  11. he's not better than 95% he is at least 2300+ online and prolly 99.9%

  12. Naka put down 10 times more money than the hustler

  13. Don’t know how to play but at 1:09 he did 2 moves is that legal???

  14. the conversations are as interesting as the game

  15. If you wonder about thinking time here then it's real like this and you blunder a bit and make it longer and maybe harder. Not so long ago, I learned that I like Bullet and need to practise it a lot to not make it double thinking time after a month or more of not playing. It ruins the actual chess when one of the players lose on time and you have a complex situation which you got interested in.

  16. I would not be able to play with all that noise. That’s a skill in itself.

  17. Quiz, to see if you were paying attention. According to the man on the video, he really a) likes this, or b) doesn't like this.

  18. One reason people might not be that good at chess is all that constant background noise.

  19. Literally paying just to play Hikaru! 😁😁👍

  20. Hikaru snatching up the cash as quick as he makes moves 😂

  21. never even take money out of your pocket in south africa

  22. "I don't like this, who are you" given that this player already plays very well how do u not know Hikaru?

  23. This let's me know how slow I am to make a decision.

  24. I know why he's a "hustler" knocks over his pieces every turn so you have no idea where he put his piece and lose time on your clock waiting for him to fix his mistake.

  25. 3:33 He is trying to cheat. Bumps over the pieces then wants to put back his knight to another square. Where would be a better position.

  26. Bro grew up playing in the jungle on bamboo chess board

  27. He's lucky the animals there didn't stab him and steal his shoes. I guess he's non-white enough.

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