Hikaru React xQc Play 900 Elo Chess

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Hikaru Nakamura

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  1. Wait I thought I was 900. I must be better! Lol

  2. I'm convinced my.chess account is broken. I would crush a lot of these lower players I watch but I wind up playing people I my rating level who know theory well beyond our ratings . it's weird. who can't ladder mate at 900. ot ahouldnt even take a thought

  3. 900 elo and he doesnt know how to do a ladder what am I doing wrong to not be that highly rated

  4. Even 900 elo ppl know how to ladder mate, I know because I was 900 a year or two ago. This has to have been for the content.

  5. Atleast some people in 900 elo knows how to do the ladder.

  6. IMO the ladder mate is the easiest checkmate besides the back rank.

  7. I’m a 600 rated that can beat a 1000 rated bot and know all of chess

  8. im 270 elo even i know how to ladder mate 💀

  9. wait how did he get to 900 if he cant checkmate? like did everyone just resign?

  10. The fact he got away with a hung queen😂😂

  11. I am 700 rating and know how to do the leather, it doesn't need to think. So much afflicted watching this.

  12. at that point a draw shouldnt happen. the king should be taken to end the game. or the king should just move into the rook or queen and end the game.

  13. I am a 300 elo i know how to do thé ladder😐

  14. im almost 400 elo and even i know how to ladder mate

  15. Xqc what are you doing lol? Even I who literally had Elo 142 checkmate a guy with 1000 Elo. ( The only difference was that instead of the queen I had a bishop)

  16. him marking after every move has to be the most annoying thing ever

  17. Dude I'm 900 and everyone knows how to mate with rook and king alone, no way he can't end with Queen and Rook.

  18. why is this guy sitting like L????

  19. Pov – You are playing against your little sister😂😂

  20. Bro just push him in the corner and BOOM CHECKMATE

  21. Even i know hot to do it just go gown 1 at a time

  22. I’m 600 and I just got a tumour watching that

  23. bro missed " tutorial checkmate with queen and rook "

  24. Why don't I get players like that in 900 elo. Man all the 900 elos are freak9ng ridiculous for me xD

  25. How is this 900? I’m like 400 and majority of people know how to latter mate, how do some 900s not know

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