Hikaru Reacting to Magnus saying ‘We’re simply better at chess than the others’

Hikaru reacts to Magnus’s interview after beating him in the Bullet Chess Championship 2023 #hikarunakamura #magnuscarlsen

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  1. Job interviewer: "What would you say is your greatest strength?"
    Magnus: "I would say my greatest strength is just that I'm better than everyone else."
    Job interviewer: "True. When can you start?"

  2. He is 100% correct. Now question why you find this strange..

  3. From Magnus the most obnoxious shit ever is in reality just a fair point.

  4. no matter how good you are there will always come someone better than you. Magnus is very badly prepared to accept that reality. It is not a matter of if but when. Stepping away from Chess to avoid that realization is how he is currently handling that.

  5. chess should do best 2/3 each match. Then you get to see how players adapt and strategize after losing/winning

  6. So you’re telling me all I need to become a super gm is to be “simply better at chess than the others?.”

  7. Capablanca was better at chess than Magnus.

  8. He's not much of a wordsmith but i think he's just saying they are more naturally gifted with talent.

  9. I don't have a problem with this. It's the truth.

  10. i dont follow chess but it seems these guys are basically the goku and vegeta of the chess world. they push themselves hard, terrified that the other will surpass them.

  11. "Were not like the rest of you Were stronger Were faster Were better, we are BETTER!"

  12. Who are the others? Just everyone in the fucking world?

  13. Is his name really Hikaru? He doesn’t look Japanese

  14. I think he was going to say "we see tactics others don't and make good moves faster" and then he realised that is the same as "just better" so he said it first. I like his bluntness. Mincing words would just be saying the same thing in a more foolish way. Well played honestly.

  15. Hikaru probably got an erection hearing his crush talk about him like that

  16. White supremacy is quite difficult to hide

  17. I mean they are probably 10 steps ahead whereas the rest can hope to be one step ahead of them.

  18. Im pretty sure what he means is that they are both more well rounded because they are both incredible speed chess players too whereas the rest of the top classical players don't play bullet or blitz as well.

  19. Abbott and Costello, meet Magnus and Hikaru!

  20. A giant dwarf and a bearded asian walk into a bar…

  21. Vegeta hairline. Princes of all chest player.

  22. I know people think he's arrogant, but he isn't, he's just correct. Listen it's very hard for people to comprehend what level they actually play at, but at that level there are maybe 10 people in the world that can truly appreciate how much better these 2 are than everyone else at chess. So it's not arrogance, it's just a statement of fact.

  23. Best chess player in the world and his mic is backwards xd

  24. Our main strength is we are better than everyone else 😂😂😂😂

  25. "My strength and his strenght is that we play better, and he was playing faster and better than me".
    The hell kind of new brain malfunction is this?

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