Hikaru Reacts to Agadmator’s Best Moments

Shout out to Agadmator for playing 4 Player Chess with us today! Stay tuned for the Youtube upload soon. Watch the original Agadmator’s best moments video here:

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  1. Hikaru : shown any game ever
    also Hikaru: oh this reminds me of that game from 13 years ago

  2. How does agadmator have more subs than hikaru?

  3. glances at board
    "Wait is this a position I played 5 years ago?"
    What the f…

  4. Crazy how much content can come out of the same camera angle same interface for so long

  5. You must delete thats text, Hikaru

  6. Hikaru: remembers position he played before
    hHs viewers in blitz: Random bullshit go!

  7. Best quotes by Antonio :
    1. This bishop is suppose to be a dragon by now it's not even a lizard
    When he is telling Hilary "u definitely wanna have this photo"

  8. Queen to E1 check not queen to ivanchuk! Joke was so terrible that Hikaru didnt even get it.

  9. coming in from agadmator. always perk up when he talks about GMHikaru

  10. 10:47 lol takes Hikaru a good while to see magnus on the screen😂😂

  11. Hiky very nice performance vs Maggreekenstein in the tourney man ,,really top , high end stuff ..you two are the coolest chess gods.

  12. Face cut of Carlsen and Hikaru looks same

  13. It's different but kinda similar -MR. HIKARU

  14. "its very different but its very similar"
    yes, the floor here is made out of sky

  15. 0:56 the intentional captions
    "was that game against ROGER BOB , chat? I think it was ROGER BOB "

  16. If you think that trophy is bad, you should see the "trophy"?? they gave Magnus today for winning Meltwater 🤦

  17. "Mostly my plan was to resign the game". Relatable

  18. And it was after this move that Hikaru and Nakamura agreed to a draw. LMAO.

    This whole video was hilarious! Great job Hikaru!

  19. oh man hikaru not getting "queen to e1 check not ivanchuk " is so hilarious . e1check ivanchuk they sound similar when pronounced fast . cant believe this video made me comment in nov 2021

  20. medo means bear for anyone who wanted to know

  21. Hikaru draw Nakamura LOL
    Dr. Strange and Multiverse Of Chess

  22. Agadmator: There is no good way to prevent the pawn from queening.

    Also Agadmator: But there is one good way

  23. agadmator is a top 1 chess content creator

  24. it was in this positionerino agadmatorino says:

    Whoever made that needs help

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