Horde, Atomic, 4 Player, Fog Of War, Automate and more – Chess Variant Stream!

Playing all types of chess variants.

Stay sharp, play smart!

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  1. Did you ever play atomic? I skimmed through the video to try and find it (my favourite variant) but I didn't see any.

  2. It is my understanding that a team of N was the best. But I have been wrong before and I am posting this as Nelson is placing rooks in game 1 auto mate

  3. dude really… you’re gonna use the word “variants” in your title to get more searches…-_-
    still like your vids

  4. Some of basic Antichess (Giveaway) theories: 1.e3 is proven to be a forced win but it's hard and long. Other good white openings include 1.g3, 1.Nh3 and 1.c4.
    1.e4, 1.d4, 1.d3 are easily losing. By easily losing I mean forced mate in 16 by black.
    1.e3 b5 2.Bxb5 Bb7 (what your opponent played) is known for being bad but it's tricky. You played perfect theory until 54:13 it's already forced mate in 10 for you with Qc2! (idea is Bxa2 Qxc7!, force Bxb1, then Qxe7 and Rxa7) but what you played was losing.
    If you want to try Atomic next time, basic theory: 1.Nf3 is what most players play, and you have to play f6 (e5, d6 are inferior and all other moves lose instantly). Against 1.e3, play e6 (recommended, there are other moves). Against 1.e4, play d5 or e6 but never e5 or c5 (forced mate in 5). Against 1.Nh3, play h6 but never g5. When you play yourself, you can try some weird openings, like 1.Na3. Atomic is not balanced, white is basically winning. 1.Nf3 f6 2.e3 d5/e6/d6(inferior) is known as the spam opening and it's very good for white. Some advanced Atomic theory is needed though. 1.Nf3 f6 2.Nc3 c6/Nh6 is believed to be even better for white.
    I'm an atomic player on lichess (atomic is traditionally only on lichess). Many GMs are good atomic players too, like "Arka50" (Anonymous GM on lichess, current atomic world champion) and Nihal Sarin, not to mention that Magnus also played some Atomic games on lichess.

  5. Nice change of pace-standard chess is just too easy

  6. Thanks for keeping this channel family friendly!

  7. I would like to play with u on lichess

  8. I hope this gets more people into 4 player chess!

  9. Give away chess that's a stupid game that's just my opinion

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