How Bobby Fischer Handled the Hardest Opening to Beat in Chess!

Fischer shows us how to deal with someone trying to play for a draw from the start.

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  1. Why didn't Black play Ba6 to hit the Queen and clear the pin on his King?

  2. I was right there with Chess Dawg until the got to the very end of the video and said, "and so the better player can win." The better player? No! I want to win, not the better player!

  3. Bobby Fischer simply the best, the greatest chess player of all time.

  4. German from Brazil, hmmm. Those Nazi's the west aided to escape to South America through the Vatican Ratlines

  5. Check out his interviews on Philippine radio. He was a genius to know all he did before the internet.

  6. A better opening for black is the Latvian Gambit. Lots of attacking chances with BF not doing well against it.

  7. I love the videos, thank you for making them.
    🙏 😮😊

  8. Eugênio Maciel German, the first IM from Brazil. Greetings from Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.

  9. Hmm, remind me not to play the Petroff against Fischer. Thank you for a subtle tale well told.

  10. Would Fischer be able to beat Ian “Petrov” Nepomniachtchi in the candidates tournament?

  11. I googled Fischer's elo. It says he is about 2900+ is this correct??

  12. Was IM German from Brazil a German from Brazil?

  13. Hi Chessdawg. I discovered your channel a few months ago. I follow some excellent chess channels, but yours is one of the best. You examine some brilliant games and explain them very well. Many thanks for what you do.

  14. La capturada con el caballo fue brillante para no ceder la colubna a la dama y poder dar el jake y ganar

  15. the petrov, also known as the russian game.

  16. Fischer's opponent was Eugenio German, the first titled Brazilian player and was an amateur. Very strong player by that time. Then, years later, came Mecking, who became the strongest Brazilian player of all time and won the Interzonal tournament twice.

  17. Studying a book Fisher grasshopper 🤣said the blind master

  18. Did Fischer ever played d4 with white as an opening? All I see are e4's.

  19. Thanks Chessdawg.
    When you were talking about drawish openings, thought you meant the French or the Caro-Kann Defense. Forgot about the (zzzzzz) Petroff/Russian Defense.
    Gives me some ideas to play against someone that favours the Petroff.
    Fischer has and always will be in my opinion the BEST.
    Few if anyone can say they defaulted a World championship game in protest against the playing conditions, (2nd match game 1972 Reykjavík) yet still go on to win.

  20. Black as said could've entered symetrical position had he played 3. …Nxe4. But it was German's favorite variation and Fischer prepared well for each opponent in this tournament. Only game he was trouble in was against Geller but he managed at fet a draw. In Stockholm 1962 Fischer began to practice yoga, autogenic training and isometric "weight lifting". There is an anectode that he showed Yugoslavisn national master Dragoslav Andrić how he can lift 100 kilos. Imaginary kilos. Andrić challenged Fischer to luft 140 kilos. Fischer answered: "I didn't practise it!". Back on this game: bkack instead of …Nc5 had …f5, old variation against which Steinitz won a couple of games. Fischer had a preparation also for this line, but took it with himself into the grave.

  21. Critical and most interesting variation is 5…Bb4+ 6.Kd1 instead of 5…Nc5, but that is whole new game. Fischer learns 5.Qe2 from Steinitz. Steinitz invents 5.Qe2 instead of Q×d4

  22. very nice presentation for a number of reasons

  23. Great find of a game that all 1.e4 players need to know about. You have done a great service to all Chess players.

  24. Very instructive. I like playing petrof, white sooner or later gets frustrated and makes a mistake.

    Obviously I haven’t played Fischer.

  25. Excellent comments, as usual.
    All the best from Jean Feys, Belgium

  26. From my understanding of Fischer's career, it seemed he had more trouble dealing with the French defense? Would love to see you break down his loss to Vladimir Kavacevic in the French! (I think he accused Tigran Petrosian's wife of giving Vlad the moves).
    Beautiful analysis sir!

  27. When it is a name, "German" is pronounced, "eir-mann."

  28. An IM named German, from Brazil, playing in Sweden…

  29. Love your commentary and videos, please don't hesitate to make them longer. Very enjoyable

  30. I analyzed some games from fisher using stockfish and I was stunned.
    My man was playing like stockfish back in 1961.
    You should add the stockfish bar in your games, it's REALLY impressive watching fisher play perfect move after perfect move.

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