How To Calculate In Chess

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How to calculate in chess. Super important lesson on calculation for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, or checkers professionals.

0:00 Intro
1:03 Beginners Game 1
7:52 Beginners Game 2
12:10 Puzzles
15:39 Intermediate/Advanced
18:48 Advanced Example 2
22:02 Advanced Example 3
24:15 Example 4
27:04 Example 5

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  1. "don't wanna trade queens" is so accuraaaaaaaaate in beginners 🤣🤣 while I also do it as a beginner

  2. im so bad i need help none of the videos i watch help idk why i just suck like i've tried every video i've tried calculating and i still get beat so brutally at only 400 elo

  3. Beginner, here. I find your videos enjoyable to watch and helpful. You always explain things so clearly.

  4. After watching this video, I thought I was ready to head into a game.

    First 10 moves and I blunder my queen

  5. I love gotham chess , I was about to reach 1000 elo , I was lucky enough to find this video and learn chess calculation and now I am on 900 … Thank you 😊

  6. 8:04 “at 670 there is no such thing as a Sicilian defense” broke my little 200 Sicilian heart 🥲

  7. Finally, I won't lose my queen in one move

  8. "And for our under 1000 players, not blundering a piece in one move"
    I feel personally attacked

  9. bro by watching your videos i increased my rapid rating from 300 to 1400 currently, Thanks for all your hardwork

  10. A few weeks ago I went to the Norway to explore the world of chess. Out of the three times Magnus Carlsen and I played chess, I beat him one time, drew the next game, and lost the last one. Honestly, that's not bad for someone who started a month ago.

  11. The more you know about chess, the more you are aware how amazing top chessplayer are.

  12. im 700. correct me if im wrong:

    9:36 whites turn, he moves his rook. why not move the bishop forking the pawn and the knight?

  13. " At 670, There's no such thing as Sicilian defense, Its just an opening mistake!! "

    – Levy

  14. this guy just changes titles of videos and analyzes games not tips here

  15. Love your channel thanks a lot 💪👌🤜🤛🙏

  16. I'm here because technically i taught my girl to play chess and now she plays way better than me.

  17. 16:17 queen h8 brilliant sacrifice and game is over after rook to h8 then bishop to f6

  18. I don't understand at 14:42 how is it checkmate? There's still a move for the black king


  20. In the first game when the bishop took the horse, what would we do if he took the queen first?

  21. As a 450 Elo player I can say this helps me thinking but there is time and I usually stay 20 seconds for a mediocre move

  22. levy, i know this is an old video but today is my birthday xd

    can you say happy birthday?

  23. Ahh so this is how you preform the “fuck you” opening variation #5786

  24. 14:13 ? didn't just a white king can simply eat the bishop?

  25. Beginner here…
    Please be patient & kind.

    At 20:48
    Why can’t Black just CAPTURE the Queen on F8 (after Queen gives the check)
    Cab’t you get out of a check by Capturing the piece checking you ?

  26. Bro you are unbelieveble I wish you a lot of succes in life

  27. If I take that knight….

    It dies…. And my piece goes there….


  28. i want to be in armenia and i want him and only him to be my teacher pleaseeeeeeeeee

  29. It hurts especially when you blunder a queen from a superior position

  30. Levy slipping in chess is a mandatory subject for kids in Armenia lmao dead
    He is our anarchy chess GOD

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