How to play 4 Player Chess (Free For All)

Learn the rules to 4 Player Chess (Free For All) quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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There are two main ways to play. The first is that the object of the game is to be the last player standing while the second is to play for points. Setup the board with each player’s queen on the black spaces. Pick a player to go first, then play proceeds clockwise. Players are not allowed to table talk strategy nor are they allowed to team up or form alliances. Your pawns are promoted to queens when they reach the 8th row from your side of the board. En Passant is not allowed.

When player is CHECKMATED, that player is eliminated from the game but all their pieces remain on the board. These pieces do not move, they cannot check a king, and you may not pass a piece through them. If you wish to occupy a space with an eliminated player’s piece on it, then you must capture that piece, but you get no points for it.

If a player is stalemated, then they are eliminated from the game unless there are only 2 players left, then the game ends in a draw between those 2 players. The game ends when three players are eliminated and the last player remaining, wins.

If you are playing for points, points are earned in the following way:

Checkmating an opponent is worth 20 points
Stalemating yourself is 20
Stalemating an opponent gives 10 points to each player still in the game
Checking more than one king simultaneously with your queen gives 1 point for two kings, and +5 for three
Checking more than one king simultaneously with a piece other than a queen gives you 5 points for two kings, and 20 for three
Capturing active pieces gives you 1 point for a pawn or promoted pawn, 3 for a knight, 5 for a bishop or rook, and 9 for a queen

When there is only 1 player left, or when the remaining players are stalemated, then the game ends and the player with the most points wins.


  1. Can't wait for 327245 player chess.

  2. I think alliances make this game more interesting 🤔

  3. I brought this to my high school's chess club and gifted it so they might expand the gameplay they have and the opportunities to learn. They appreciate the extra challenge!

  4. Is there a variation where after a player is eliminated, they actually control the former player's pieces rather than just leave them?

  5. Can't wait for infinity player chess

  6. In this layout, unmoved king can check unmoved king, by moving or capturing the pawns between them. (I have had that happen in playing ordinary chess with Indians; in India chess is often played with a king and a queen on the same file in the initial position.)

  7. Out of curiosity, what happens if a player makes a move that would allow a king to be captured by another player? Example, player A moves a piece so that player Bs piece puts player Cs king in check. But because player B can still move, they can move to capture player Cs king. Is that just a checkmate? Is that allowed?

  8. jaehoo park / a gain / #roadto3000subs says:

    Promoted pawn = Discount queen

  9. Here's a third way to play the game: there are four players. The player who is first able to have the player directly opposite to them checkmated wins. In this case, blue wants to checkmate black and red wants to checkmate white, and vice versa. Any one player is thus incentivized to defeat a particular opponent whilst at the same time trying to prevent either of the other sides from winning.

  10. Still waiting for Chess: The Battle Royale😂

  11. What about checkmating three kings simultaneously?

  12. 4 player chess would be way more fun if instead of knights (because of limited range) each player had an Archbishop and a Chancellor

  13. Who will make 8 player “Battle Royale Chess”?

  14. Bishops should be 4 points since rooks are still more powerful

  15. Pronunciation of en passant – Opaso 🤣

  16. I'd love the play this but screw the no team up rule. Let's all team up to go after blue.

  17. Thanks for the pieces and the board, I'll take it from there with the rules.

  18. I feel like the ability to form alliances and strategize with your opponents would be the main appeal of this format. Chess, but with politics.

  19. finally
    a new chess update after hundreds of years

  20. “Not allowed to form alliances” yeah, say that again when you realize that all 3 of your opponents aim at you first.

  21. 6 player tic tac toe
    11 player battleship
    32 player connect four
    99 player solitaire

  22. Whoever made this overestimated how many friends most chess players have.

  23. If captured the piece with an eliminated player but if you capture the piece you do not get any points for them

  24. What about pawns on the very far left and right? If they capture diagonally into an opponents ranks in the board, are they still just suppose to move forward in the same direction or does their trajectory shift towards the new enemy rank?

  25. "en passant is not allowed"
    r/anarchychess: 'ight, I'mma head out.

  26. I'm sure en passant is allowed but not against the player across since a pawn can't reach them without promoting.

  27. Can't wait for 11 player for my family to play

  28. We play you must go to end of broad.not 8 moves

  29. This person: Don't form alliances
    Me: when I get a 4 player board, how bout I do anyway

  30. Checking multiple kings with knight is truly a 'royal fork'

  31. Check out my 4 Player Chess Channel!

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