How to play 4 Player Chess (Teams)

Learn the rules to 4 Player Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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The object of the game is to checkmate one of your opponent’s kings. Divide into two teams and place your pieces across from your teammate, with everyone’s queen on the black spaces.

Pick a player to go first, then play proceeds clockwise. You are not allowed to move any of your teammates pieces. You are not allowed to capture your teammate’s pieces. Your pieces do not and cannot cause a check to your teammate. Your Pawns are promoted on the 11th row from your side of the board or if it reaches the back row of an opponent’s side of the board. En Passant is not allowed. Checkmate and stalemate are only determined once the player being threatened has another turn and a chance to respond to the threat, thus giving your teammates a chance to rescue their ally.

Before the game begins, decide if you want to allow table talk and strategy between teammates. The first team to Checkmate one of their opponents wins.


  1. Bro, new Chess update?!! They're finally getting to Mojang levels of good stuff. 5 players when

    Also, how do the pieces move-

  2. bro are you stalking me? I literally just searched 'four player chess' and it came out😂

  3. Did you do 5d chess with multiverse time travel?

  4. 3 player chess: heres all 5 minutes of rule changes, don't go into the circle, don't cross the green lines and-
    4 player chess: it's just regular chess but with 4 people

  5. Like 4 player chess I see in YouTube but where do I buy it and why I even want 4 player chess when I don't have any friends

  6. I'm happy you bought that version. This game is about teamwork.

  7. It’s easy to be first it’s hard to be last.

  8. Hello can you explain fair pieces/additional pieces(pieces that not normally in normal chess) please? Like how they moves and capture? Thank you

  9. How to play Monopoly shell edition ( there are different for different countries but i think they play out the same).

  10. Hey there i got a possible future video suggestion:
    I think the board game is called "Have you herd?" or something like that.
    Its about trading animals.
    I used to play the polish version back in my elementary school days and i'd love to see how it looks and plays in the english version.

  11. How To Play:Waverly Library (It's Chess But No Rooks,Pawns Don't Advance And It's A 6×6 Chessboard)

  12. My 8th grade science teacher had a 4-way chess game that played just like this.

  13. i've made a variation of the board, i had a little corner (3*3) in each corner, or differently say it's a full 16*16 board minus the line "connecting" 2 adjacent towers.
    so it allow knight to be play in E15 / M15 to pressure / defend an another player
    But i don't know how to show it you because YT not allow external link in comments now :/

  14. this video it explains how to play, now you need friends

  15. I was just boring when the idea of searching a video of 4 players chess crossed my mind, gotta admit i'm really dissapointed, why does it had to be a team match? Why can't it be a free for all?

  16. In future there will be 9 player 😂😂😂

  17. sir look like your rules are taken from recent or chess com its flaw actually. old rules are correct.

    there are few misconception with multiplayer chess
    1st. checkmate system does not work after 2 player. you can play but with limitation play of it. original rule of chess is capture the king. but because there is no logic to apply cap the king on 2 player. its been used checkmate. beyond 2 player checkmate does not make senses so capture the king is how its play beyond 2 player.

    2nd misconception on chess is that game end on enemy turns . noo its end on player turn. it really does not matter on 2 player but beyond 2 player game will always end on player turn. example if there are 10 players chess then if 1 did mate to 10 . and 5 did mate to 6. then so if the game will end on 6 player . who on last he always get disadvantage.
    so rule is hold position is keep till its come back to number 5 player. other word if player mate anyone then all players turns are pass until its back to player till full rotation done . so that way it always player who did first mate will win. not last to mate win.
    these automatically is done in capture the king as game continue till cap the king and its always end on full rotation player turn .

  18. This channel is interesting. It makes me wanna try out so many different board games. Even gives me ideas for my own rules

  19. Could we just play like 1v3? Cause my friends are newbie on Chess

  20. This video is how to play 4-player chess. One extra player is…

    an absolute mess!

  21. how does pawn movement work? You can only move up on a non attack?

  22. How does the pawn move? Does it decide to turn either left or right at a certain point? Is it allowed to change directions again?
    Edit: oh, it seems the pawn's can move left or right by capturing, just like regular chess. That is fascinating.

  23. The joke here is that red and Blue are one of friendlier version of rivality and in chess… Yeah… Black and White don't go togheter SO teams are red white and Blue black. Its not a joke but i will call it like that bc why not

  24. Imagine if someone combines 4 way chess with bughouse chess. And thus clusterfuck chess is born.

  25. I think allowing captures against teammates should be allowed, but only for pawns against pawns

  26. i always played 4 player teams with the team mates being next to each other, not across.. so, like.. in 0:19 how you have it set up, we'd have white and blue on a team and red and black on a team. and turn order would be white, red, blue, black.

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