How to play 4 player chess

Are you in the mood to learn some new variants of your favorite game? Then discover how to play 4 player chess! Further, we describe the key features and share useful recommendations to improve your performance.

How to play 4 player chess

How is it different from regular chess?

As you can guess from the name, the main distinction is having four players. The majority of rules from the standard version of the game are applicable here. However, there can be minor differences. The main point is that players take turns in a clockwise order to move their pieces. They can play in teams 2-on-2 or against everyone around. Let’s take the latter variant as an example to see how it works.

How to play 4 player chess: the basics

The goal is to gain the highest number of scores. It is done by capturing other players’ pieces and executing various attacks. At the same time, it’s of crucial importance to defend yourself properly. Three enemies instead of one imply three times more dangerous situations!

A specific feature of this variant is players aren’t allowed to communicate and gang up. They cannot join forces to eliminate a player and then battle against each other. Everyone is looking out for themselves, so you should be extremely careful. An attack may come unexpectedly, while you’re focused on another part of the board.


Hopefully, this instruction will help you make your first steps in this style of chess. After learning how to play 4 player chess, don’t forget to develop a strategy. And most importantly, practice as much as possible. Chess enthusiasts wanted! Join chess clubs in Madison, WI.