How to Play 4-Way Chess Video

In this Video, Shelby Lohrman from American Chess Equipment s going through the rules of how to play 4-Way chess, one of the products we sell on Amazon and . Our product number is 10-8022


  1. That is not true. Pawns can capture on the outside

  2. To be honest, I just wish this can be in Tournaments 😂

  3. Very interesting! I think this should be made popular worldwide.

  4. I've never heard of the "pawns only capture within field" or "take over the defeated players pieces" and I've heard of a lot of 4-player chess variants… Typically at the start of the game you choose whether a defeated players pieces are removed or if they stay on the board as obstacles which must be captured to remove

  5. ahh, so four WAY chess is pawns capture in only the field of play and capture-the-king but four PLAYER chess is not those two rules. One thing though I gotta agree with you on the starting position. Chesscom staff are convinced that new standard position with queens always on the left is more balanced. I'm gonna make the stand to say that Queens on Dark should be the default setup (with queens on Left as a secondary option) and the World 4 Player Chess Championships while I am in charge of them shall remain that way. I wanted to add that Queens on Dark (Old Setup), Capture-the-King, and Takeover (when someone is checkmated, their pieces are now yours) are secondary options in the chesscom variants server. I can talk to the Devs about making Field-of-Play a possible rule to test as a secondary option since the addition of En-Passant may have caused the imbalance in the Old Setup.

  6. Please make a video on apps that are available on 4 player chess

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