How to Play Four Player Chess – Chess Theory

Today we delve into Four player chess, a chess variant which requires some theoretical understanding of how and why one should play with certain styles! Chess Theory in four player chess is still evolving as the game is quite new but hopefully this guide helps you out!

The Ultimate Guide To Chess (for Beginners)
Introduction: 0:00
The Rules: 2:00
Game Theory: 4:45
General Advice: 10:33
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  1. Good video- Another Braden L who also plays chess

  2. 3 months late but 4 player chess is the bomb! it's good to see videos like this on it. Also en passant is indeed possible in 4pc, you can do it to your side players.

  3. It seems there still ought to be en passant. If red moved either of his rook pawns and the matching blue/green "g" pawn moves up two you should be able to en passant.

  4. That's funny, my most recent strategy before this video was to just exchange pieces with as many opponents as possible. But I guess it's true that then you can't actually defend yourself 😛

  5. YOOO CAN I BUY A BOARD LIKE THAT!! Seems so fun to play with decent chess players

  6. Such an amazing video my man I subbed right now

  7. I like your channel, but your chess piece drawings scare me. They look slimy and molesty.

  8. Wow! Quality content and only 500 subs? Up with you, pal!

  9. Bishops are worth 3 points, they can't leave their color square

  10. My version of 4 player chess is infinitely better.

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