How to play Four-Player Chess

Learn the rules to the game Four-Player Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the rules of 3 player Chess, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as 3 player chess except for these changes. Set up the pieces in their matching color quadrant. There are 2 teams: the white and brown team, and the blue and orange team. The player with the white pieces goes first, followed by orange, brown, then blue. The game ends once 1 player has been checkmated, with the team that delivered the checkmate, winning. Checkmate happens at the start of the player’s turn who is threatening an opponent’s king. A king may not capture a piece protected by that piece’s teammate, even if your teammate could capture it before it’s next turn.

You may not capture your teammate’s pieces. Therefore, you do not threaten your teammate’s king and your teammate may castle through a space you could move to. You are allowed to block a check on your teammate, but you may not move a piece so your teammate is in check, even if your teammate could capture that piece before its next turn.

When traveling through the center rosette, the spaces directly opposite each other, as well as their adjacent rosette spaces, are not diagonally or orthogonally connected through the center. This means that Diagonal movement through the center may not continue to the opposite rosette; nor can the king, queen, or knight, when starting out on a rosette, travel to any of these spaces. Here are the knight available moves when starting on a rosette.

Pawns always move away from their own base towards an opponent’s base. They can capture diagonally through the rosette towards either opponent, but, after doing so, they will only be able to advance towards that opponent. It is impossible for a pawn to occupy a space inside their teammate’s 1/4 of the board. A pawns initial double-step move and en passant are allowed like normal.

The first team to checkmate 1 opponent, wins.


  1. Huh didn't expect tsg said: the rules are the same as the original 3 player chess

  2. The hardest part is finding 4 people who want to play this

  3. How to learn to play 16 player chess… run 4 copies of this video at the same time. 🥷

  4. 🙁 this makes me sad. Wanting my game to hurry up and get out there…

  5. This type of chess is about partner vs partner instead of free-for-all like 3-player chess.

  6. Idea:Chess Chaos Mode (A Joke)
    You can either check the opponent 10 times or checkmate to win
    The Queen's can also move like a Knight and a Camel
    Knights can also move like a Camel
    Camel moves are 3 squares then 1 square 90° or 1 square then 3 moves 90°
    Queens are now called "Cannon"
    Knights are now called "Jumpers"
    The King Has an Ability where if any enemy pieces is 1 square near the king,it gets captured

  7. "How many more players do you need in a chess game?"


  8. Funtime Foxy (ItsColdPlayz) and Elizabeth Afton says:

    5 player chess when?
    I want to play chess with my 4 (FNaF World) friends!

  9. When you said “the rules are the same as 3 player chess” it felt a lot more powerful

  10. The rules are the same as regular 4 player chess, except for these weird changes.

  11. WOAH

  12. Just use a bigger longer normal chess board so that every person has space… Why is it made so complicated?

  13. Fun Fact: There is an ancient Indian game called Chaturaji or Chaturanga which is likely one of the ancestors of chess. It was played with four players on an 8×8 board with each player controlling essentially half of a chess army (King, Knight, Bishop, Rook, and 4 pawns). It's funny to think how that 4-player game likely evolved into a 2-player game that eventually evolved into chess, only for people to try to make it 4-player again.

  14. Not gunna lie, that intro threw me off…
    Him: “the rules are the same as THREE player chess”
    Me: chokes on water

  15. Easier to win chess grand nationals than find four players to play this 😂

  16. That pawn checkmate was ✨️ beautiful ✨️

  17. Part 5 of asking Triple S Games to make a How to Play Oat Jenkins Chess 2.

  18. This is the worst version of 4 player chess…

  19. Please make a video on chess 2 by oat Jenkins

  20. When traveling across the center rosette no spaces directly opposite each other as well as their adjacent rosette spaces are orthogonally or diagonally connected though when the the teacher said that.

  21. Any chess variant that allows En Passant is a good variant

  22. oh god even more cursed hyperbolic chess

  23. Why do i feel like this would end in a first fight or someone flipping the board?

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