How to Trap a Queen in Chess? Chess Traps and Tricks for Beginners to Win the Opponent’s Queen

Learn how to trap a queen in chess in this chess tutorial for beginners. In this video, you will learn the basic ideas to trap your opponent’s queen in 8 different ways.These 8 chess traps and tricks for beginners to win the opponent’s queen must be watched and learned by every chess enthusiast. Also, I want to make this channel as the best chess traps channel on internet, please help me achieve my goal by liking and commenting on this video, and subscribing to my channel.

0:00 Basic Ideas to Trap a Queen
0:34 Queen Trap in Englund Gambit
3:17 Queen Trap in Tennison Gambit
7:28 Queen Trap in Hector Gambit
9:42 Queen Trap in Albin Countergambit
13:38 Queen Trap in Scandinavian Defense
16:37 Queen Trap in Falkbeer Gambit
19:12 Queen Trap in Fajarowicz Gambit
23:57 Queen Trap in Budapest Gambit
24:55 Question of the Day!

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  1. Bishop g6 check wins the Queen after kxg6

  2. Answer of Question of the day = Bg6+

  3. No.4 technic white has a chance to save the queen after the poon turning into knight. white Rxg1 avoid to eat the knight, white Rxg1 stay on his position instead of eating the black knight, the king only moving back to same position so the queen will save.

  4. I never seen anyone explain in details like that. thanks to you

  5. I never seen anyone explain in details like that. thanks to you

  6. 6:35 why doest it not work too? at this time if king go back too e8, white can still play Bf7+, the white king has to take it and again loose defence on queen no?
    The reason Bc4+ dont work is probably because of Nd5 blocking the check and the file to the queen at the same time. Black gives back a piece and white is probably better, but white is not winning a queen then. Since Bxd5+ is a check, but the the bishop is in between the queens. so the king just has to move to a dark square.

    Ah, if Bc4+ black also have e6 witch is better than Nd4. after e6: Qxd8, black has Bb4+ with discovery on the black queen. Famous line in several openings, can also occor from the danish gambit.

    And i was right, i check with comp. If Bc4+ black has to find e6, or Sd5 (witch is still bad). Because Ke8 is a blunder. Bf7+, there is no escaping for black, comp eval is -5,5 ish as black looses the queen pawn and casteling for the bishop and knight.

  7. How can I memorize all these moves when playing

  8. Very interesting moves….thanks for sharing..

  9. 13:16 didi isme king e1 pe kyu nahi jaa sakta?? 🤔

    btw very nice video

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