How to Win ANY Chess Game in 4 Moves!


  1. What if I tell you if you can win any chess game with 2 moves

  2. Where did u get that board and what did u search for it

  3. King to shot this minister

  4. Wow thx so much
    Game starts:

  5. So easy to counter
    Even likely to counter with out knowing it

  6. This trick gave me a big opportunity thanks man

  7. They can save by the knight before the checkmate

  8. I used to play with this trick in my 4th grade🤣

  9. Wrong, the king an queen need to be swapped the queen is always on her color

  10. Looool tried this right after this video and it worked the opponent did made a stupid random move

  11. First go bishop and watch if u have chance to do that but only noobs fall for ig

  12. you sound like someone who watches twitch and also does cubing and plays video games and doesnt know how to play chess

  13. Ультимативный Герой says:

    А если соперник не умственно отсталый?

  14. If you won like this then your opponent is stupid and you are not genius

  15. Scholars mate ahhh how I remember 400 being full of people trying this

  16. The only problem to this trick if the opponent is not stupid or dumb like having more than100 iq

  17. Ah scholars mate. Won w it so many times in my 400 days

  18. it's only possible when the opponent was playing first time

  19. What if he take out his horse in his random movr


  21. Yea nah If you Go for Scholars Mate you should Play 2.qe4 so incase of g6 you have 3.qxe5 to collect the rook.

  22. This wayward queen us how nelson crushed everyone's life

  23. The only problem is that my opponents are not making any random moves anymore

  24. Oh my god ,,, in a online game out of 10 people 4 people used the same move ur opponent played

  25. My friend tried this to mate me
    So I made triple Queens so that he won't tries that sh-_- again

  26. This is when you a beginner against other beginners that memorize their moves, I remember we were taught those so we don't fall for them and not use them

  27. there is a horse that can eat the queen so its not a check

  28. Ah yes, the scholar’s mate. I’ve been using this for my entire life.

  29. As someone who is a pro at blitz chess, let me say that this is pretty accurate. Especially if you play online, you want to make moves fast to save your clock, sometimes causing you to move the wrong piece. So this most of the time will work for BLITZ chess, not sure about classic

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