How to win Chess in 5 moves by baiting your opponent!

Learn the how to win chess in 5 moves quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the technique.

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When playing as white, open with pawn to D4, then if Black responds with Pawn to F5, you can bait the win. Move your bishop out to G5. Black takes the bait with pawn to H6. Retreat your bishop to H4. Black follows with pawn to G5. Sacrifice your bishop with pawn to E4. If black captures your bishop, you win with queen to H5.


  1. Do you guys actually memorise this? Lol

  2. Playin the h pawn in the first place is horrible

  3. Something that actually doesn't require a paid (or unpaid) actor. Nice.

  4. It it unlikely that they would open up their kingside so much though but this bait does work

  5. seriously, these tactics/opening are useless as they are rarely played… you can tell us a few opening principles, should be more useful

  6. Could show the reverse of this where you leave the queen hanging on h5 by playing Bd3 if it comes with the threat of Bg6#

  7. i bet he does these tutorials so he can win against people more easily in his chess gaming series

  8. Why do the chess discs look like that ?

  9. Wow Triple S Games How To Win Chess

  10. Pawn Capture,Queen Moves,Rook Moves,King Moves

  11. now we find someone who plays black to f5

  12. It's a cool trick, but if they play Kf6 before taking your bishop, than you've lost. Also the fact that nobody will ever play f5. Anyone's free to try though!

  13. You are very very very very helpful for me thank you so much

  14. I can't wait to use this technic to my Dad, I hope I win

  15. u win either way if they take bait just move that queen

  16. I am use this trick allways time😁😁😁😁

  17. Just had the dumbest game, 1.e3 Nc6 2.Nc3 h6 3.f4 f5 4.Qh5+ g6 5.Qxg6#

  18. this theory works against d5 as well, as long as you can bait the dovetail mate with bishop g5 and having them attack it aggressively with h6 , g5

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