I beat a 2500 on chess.com 😳 #chess #chessgame


  1. Its not checkmate tho the white king can still move g1

  2. Bro that not chek mate black King has one move

  3. I beat Witty Alien and I am 200 bullet☠️☠️

  4. Blud that's easy
    I just beaten an grandmaster

  5. That is not a checkmate the black king can go to g1 or h1😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. So impressive move of rook… destroyer pawn😮

  7. Can anyone pls explain
    After queen f3 why did'nt he played rook f1 ?

  8. Everyone: looking at chess and moves
    Me: Looking at his 82K messages 💀

  9. Most probably it must have been a bullet or blitz game where anyone may blunder

  10. I am 300 And I beat a 1000 Elo engine(Not In Friendly Version)
    I am not kidding 🤯

  11. Looking forward to your epic fails! 🙂
    С нетерпением ждём ваших эпических неудач!)

  12. The last image is a mate in 1 not a mate😂 (congrats btw)

  13. While witty alien casually beating super gms

  14. Great work, you are pretty good for an amateur player.

  15. Guys can anyone tell me why is the 2500 guy is a "CM"

  16. wait but couldnt ur king jus go to g1??

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