I Beat MrBeast With Just a King and a Queen

Hikaru Nakamura gives @MrBeast his all when he has only his king and his queen vs the rest of all his pieces.















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  1. So many mate in 2s … missed 🥲 abandoned 😪 lost to time forever 😭

  2. literally making the worst possible moves xD

  3. I kno im late but..How can you be so so rich yet so so dumb ?

  4. на 25:52 у мистера биста был мат – ладья q1

  5. Humilde Nakamura, dejándose ganar y aún así lograr un empate

  6. It would be good to play with me beast for me

  7. I'm confused, where is the match where Hikaru has just a queen and king? Looked like he had pawns the whole time

  8. Beast improved like you would expect from a noob. He should learn a bit more for fun.

  9. bro was learning with one of the best chess players.
    what an honor 🙏

  10. Hikaru 10 years later: Today I’ll be beating stockfish with just a king!!

  11. How did bro manage to bottle the second game 😂

  12. If a GM is saying "you should have won!" then you should have won!!🤣

  13. 26:31 if he would have moved the rook to g2 that would have been checkmate

  14. new title: i bullied mr breast and told him hes bad

  15. Is it really possible for MrBeast to be a genius at making and giving away money but not being able to understand the simplicity of a chess move? 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Mrbeast:He is smarter than he looks 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  17. mr beast straight up made hikaru's thumbnail, video title, and most viewed video

  18. In the end of it all, MrBeast is just interested about views

  19. Is nobody going to ask why Hikaru also had a rook? BTW the like button on this comment is glitched, so you cant click it.

  20. The ending of that last game is so funny cus im pretty sure the ONLY move to stalemate there is rook d1

  21. Vengó por el vídeo en la que perdió el rey enigma , 🤙

  22. They predicted it all. The thumbnail/title combo making this the most viewed video on the channel by more than 2x the next most popular!

  23. @MrBeast are you still on the game? Merry Christmas!

  24. Wow how on earth someone that doesn't play chess that often loses to a top notch chess player unbelievable
    keep up the good videos i hope this mrbeast mention will help u in growing

  25. Definitely paid actors

    Just kidding 😂

  26. Content king suggested him how to have his most watched video🗿

  27. 5:18 Mr Beast suspecting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about what's going to happen. 🤣

  28. ʷʰʸ hikaru keep staring at he lower left

  29. MrBeast should make a video creating chess clubs in the world
    Would be so great

  30. Queen easy to checkmate a king like in real life

  31. Ain't no way Mr.Beast really said "He's smarter then he looks" 💀

  32. there was a fork of queen at 14:11 we need a guess the elo of this game

  33. Not only do I like to give away money but I also like to giveaway pieces!

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