I Challenged “Russian Paul,” The Strongest Chess Hustler in NYC

Alexandra played few games against Russian Paul, who is considered the best chess hustler in Union Square Park. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, what city with a strong chess culture you think sisters should visit next!
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  1. Мужик только на зевках играет

  2. Yes, probably cuz they do. I notice white Americans love to talk during chess as if spelling out their moves or narrating helps. It’s a game of silence and thinking. He was annoyed because 1. She was talking more than thinking, 2. She resigned which is okay but also a sign of not being able to complete the game. It’s like trying to play chess not playing chess. Playing chess requires one to play all the way if you resign then your goal to play was only to try to play chess not succeed or master the game. But white Americans quieter easily that’s why they are not master chess players, this is why Russia has the most chess masters, not only because it became popular but because resigning is weakness.

  3. Natural, smart, intelligent and gorgeous girl. She is a Billion out of 10 ❤

  4. With that beauty it's difficult to concentrate playing chess. 😀

  5. Are we looking at the chess board or something else?

  6. На 4:51 пришел Дензель Вашингтон

  7. In 8:36 bishop at F2 could have taken rook at a7

  8. I think she is obligated to give some money to the people whom she plays in making the videos. The videos give her views and subscribers which are converted into money while these guys, as jerks as they are, sit there hoping to make miserly $5. To do not know whether she actually offers them $ for the video. If she does, great. If she doesn’t I hope they don’t just let her film it.

  9. looks like a beautiful day in Union square. not sure if the farmer's market going on that day.

  10. what is that puts masks hanging off people's heads just so ridiculous

  11. Wouldn’t Bc3 be a better move than Be8

  12. I used to hangout in most of the top spots for chess players in New York and I've seen Russian Paul many times.He's one of the strongest chess hustlers I've ever seen.

  13. Taksim delisi cenk in satranç oynaması ilginç.

  14. He may be the strongest, but certainly not the healthiest.

  15. She puts on this dress on purpose to be sexually attractive (sexy) to him, to distract him and to manipulate him. Typical woman. And then women say men are sexist

  16. Ngl, the moment when a man in the back said that he lost his black bishop (4:43) hit so hard 😢

  17. why do they play half naked? leave it to girls to always be a hoe

  18. He may have won but have a better posture!

  19. Bu adam taksim delisine çok benziyor arastirin

  20. Funny. She is pondering her predicament and he moves immediately!

  21. You only blundered because e said played to slow in my opinion

  22. If I could keep up with how fast they move and how they set up Mate.. I'd watch more of these more often.. They are TOO good 🙂

  23. Beauty natalo ng bigay ka ba hundred dollar ,,

  24. Should have pushed those pawns you lost…imo…taken out his kings defense.

  25. Was there a chess game going on? I was distracted.

  26. You are so hot. This time I was supporting you but you lost. 😢

  27. Can't be that strong if he wears a mask.

  28. Must be difficult to concentrate on the game sitting across from her!

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