I Challenged “Russian Paul,” The Strongest Chess Hustler in NYC

Alexandra played few games against Russian Paul, who is considered the best chess hustler in Union Square Park. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, what city with a strong chess culture you think sisters should visit next!
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  1. 4:45 That guy probably came from the butcher, he bought a salami I'm guessing.

  2. I wouldn't be able to concentrate with Alexandra looking like a dream in front of me…

  3. Botez looking like that, they tryna hustle eachother

  4. Taksim delisi Cenk wining against erkeksi bayanın kadınsı annesi in another dimension

  5. I am new at chess. Why do the players keep an opponent's pawn in their hands while thinking about moves? It seems like everybody does it.

  6. I don't understand her queen to G5 at all…. I have a lot to learn.

  7. I cant believe she blundered her rook. She had a move to get out of it too cuz the guy missed it. Whoops

  8. Well it would have been interesting even without the chess game zeroed in on the player on the left who had time for it before going to the prom . . .

  9. At 8:05 after Rgd1: It is a clear draw after the rather obvious RXc4 (Rd7* RxD7, RxD7* Ke6, Rxg7, Rd2, Rg4) Nice game!

  10. Would have thought they played without towers in NY

  11. His affect and facial expressions are 100% Rodney Dangerfield.

  12. Iblove the outfites you chose to play in love the dress

  13. Playing against botez is just a harassment case waiting to happen

  14. She really got him with that botez gambit

  15. Interview Andrew Tate while playing a game of chess with him!!! !!!!! Let's go!!! 🙏🤓🙏

  16. Shes cute, but she gets beat every time I see her paly🤷

  17. Your hair being in the way of your beautiful face.. 😢😩

  18. Should I focus on you😂or chess bit confusing😅so beautiful girl

  19. Check out the ,2 guys watching, this crowd is so good they can wztch a chess match sideways and still follow it.

  20. What is the brother in the stripped shirt doing he looks so ceedy the whole time. His spiritual pressure is coming out of my phone

  21. What are these players respective chess ratings?

  22. My only comment is that she I very pretty.

  23. you're in trouble he is not taking the trash talking bait.

  24. 7:09, I don't play chess but I want to find out why didn't she take the white rook with her black one in the instance

  25. Can we all show appreciation for that beautiful dress

  26. Easier to win when your opponent gives away free rooks. smh

  27. Paul is a great guy. A decade agoI used to pay him whatever I had on me for lessons. Washington Square days

  28. All player's over 1600 they can beat these two sisters…ungly and bad players both

  29. As hot as she is I'd wait an extra move too before I punish that blunder……but anything more is contrary to proper Chess.

  30. If there are chess hustlers then there s definitely a chess mafia in NYC.

  31. this girl have one of the smartest strategies , I call it the white strategy.

  32. Paul plays a decent game of backgammon too. I know because i've lost several times to him.

  33. Wow you played so good. I wish you could come to visit my island in Fiji and improve their chess games…we love chess and want to try some professional players like you

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