I got to loom ominously – 4 player chess

This was a fun game. It had a bit of an unconventional opening and I forgot lots of my pieces existed, but I definitely enjoyed playing.


Legal nonsense for the music:

Nexus – Tobias Voigt
Phantom Desert – Forgotten7ea (original track)

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

License code: ICXWSV3PXXU8R7WS


  1. normally in 4 player chess, you want to avoid pushing your king pawn at move 1, since it can be easily stopped and become a weakness. you should try to move your king into safety(castling, king's fianchetto) before pushing your pawns. this strategy also allows you to safely push more than one pawn and promote a few more queens

  2. @2:53 if the queen takes the pawn that IS protected by the knight surely that’s mate anyway?

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