I played chess with WOMEN

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IT IS CHESS BUT THIS TIME WITH WOMEN. Played chess with Alexandra and Andrea Botez against my greatest chess rival – QTCinderella. She also is pregnant?

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#ludwig #qtcinderella #women


  1. wait is lud actuallly complaining about their audio solution when he´s one of the worst offenders? This guy is using dirtybuds for crying out loud, thats the equivalent of famous singers using a yeti mic to record

  2. Literally my favorite Lud video haha. I keep revisiting it every month

  3. I find this the funniest video I've ever seen of yours

  4. "I'm fInE…. everythings FINE" 😂🤣😂🤣😂 everything was in fact, not fine…

  5. i cant beleive you called them ugly and told them to shut up… oh no sorry that was them!

  6. at the end since it was only a rook and king andrea had basically free play cause all ludwig had to do was say rook and then king when he got into check

  7. The match before lud get blind folded… why alexa said to move bishop to take the knight while she can just move her rook there to protect the check mate area… because if he move away his knight.. you can took his queen..

  8. Actually according to ludwig lore he is very good with his hands

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