I played chess with WOMEN

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IT IS CHESS BUT THIS TIME WITH WOMEN. Played chess with Alexandra and Andrea Botez against my greatest chess rival – QTCinderella. She also is pregnant?

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  1. Someone needs to soundproof their room lol

  2. I didn’t know who QT was and I thought Alexandra was flirting with her this whole time calling her “cutie”

  3. 3:57 this first game he could have one early on my moving his bishop to h3. The other team's bishop can't take because it is pinned by the queen and next move queen takes bishop on f1, checkmate.

  4. The 2nd hand embarrassement I get from Ludwig's videos makes it good content

  5. @ludwig, Its been an year since the big reveal. Im waiting for the announcement.

  6. BRO, am i dumb or did lud and andrea, in ther first game. Up to about 4:00. Y not play bishop h3. Im sure that would lead into a mate right?

  7. I love just seeing him chuckle like an idiot after the “queen move” joke

  8. the fitness gram pacer test is a multi stage aerob says:

    Ludwig, quite frankly, during 7:00, you did not understand the effectiveness of capturing this knight, confusingly saying "What the f*ck is that?!". Contrary to popular belief, This trade is good, although it may look like this knight is "trash" or "garbage", since this knight can immediately become more powerful with the move "Nc4", Also to count that this completely destroys white's pawn structue on both sides of the board, and causes terminal difficulties in creating pawn play, not to mention the fact that the c pawn is now weak, and only protected by the dark squared bishop.

    I am currently "Bored as f*ck" and quite frankly nobody (including you) did not ask for this. I by no means understand why I did this, or why I wanted to do this.

  9. I feel like Ludwig is making a lot more funny jokes in this particular video and I'm not sure why. Does anyone else feel like this? Is it just me?

  10. wait is lud actuallly complaining about their audio solution when he´s one of the worst offenders? This guy is using dirtybuds for crying out loud, thats the equivalent of famous singers using a yeti mic to record

  11. Literally my favorite Lud video haha. I keep revisiting it every month

  12. I find this the funniest video I've ever seen of yours

  13. "I'm fInE…. everythings FINE" 😂🤣😂🤣😂 everything was in fact, not fine…

  14. i cant beleive you called them ugly and told them to shut up… oh no sorry that was them!

  15. at the end since it was only a rook and king andrea had basically free play cause all ludwig had to do was say rook and then king when he got into check

  16. The match before lud get blind folded… why alexa said to move bishop to take the knight while she can just move her rook there to protect the check mate area… because if he move away his knight.. you can took his queen..

  17. Actually according to ludwig lore he is very good with his hands

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