I Played MAGNUS from his Hotel Room! | EU Tour Ep 4

Intro- 0:00
Tres Peons Chess Club- 0:33
Chessable HQ- 1:17
Cologne hunting- 3:28
Eric prepares for Magnus- 4:38
MAGNUS vs. Eric- 6:25
Dinner with Magnus- 10:01
Night out with the boys- 10:16

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  1. This video features the worst rolled joint I have ever seen 😂😂

  2. Eric and Magnus casually drinking while playing a bullet chess tournament is just hilarious

  3. Eric with Magnus at the hotel reception:
    we'd like a room for one hour.
    Receptionist: what are you guys gonna do there?
    Eric: play with our bishops on camera

  4. Magnus: lemme pay for the drinks
    gives Eric mate in 1

  5. Nice 🎉🎉 from last floor in the hotel disco , saludos desde Sevillano pragmatico y man-f3 ❤

  6. It is funny how people are scared to eat the stem of a chilli pepper.

  7. cool video, bad shirt, still not as awkward as #2

  8. lol magnus is a full time troll "he has a very popular food blog in canada"
    waitress: really?
    magnus: 🙂

  9. Someone please tell me what the solution is for Fabianos puzzle

  10. How can I be a chessbrah? This is much fun…

  11. Wow, thank you; my favorite part was Magnus’ wittiness at the restaurant, what a jolly ole fellah

  12. It's nice to see you guys enjoying out there in a different environment

  13. And all this happened in Aman's head while he was sleeping in airplane?

  14. Does anybody know what the outro song is called?

  15. Magnus telling the waiter that the video is for a very popular food blog in canada fucking killed me

  16. Product placing! . . I'll watch commercials on other channels from now on. . .

  17. Who's that pötite lady at the end sniffing god knows what drug? She is gorgeous!!

  18. Loving the friendship between Magnus and the Chessbrahs. Loved seeing Fabi as well. Great video guys! 👊

  19. White has their king on g5, a pawn on f7, a pawn on h7, and a pawn on g6. Black has a king on h8. White plays f8 to Bishop for a stalemate draw?

  20. You made 1 mistake: drunk Magnus is better than 99.9999% of players, so that wasn't gonna work. 🙁

  21. I just wanted to see how bad wildhacks' hangover was… 🤣 Great video! ❤

  22. 6:55 Sounds like "I hate you" to me which I think would also make more sense.

  23. Watching you in Mercadona (Spain's most famous supermarket) was funny. I hope you can come to Madrid next time.

  24. Our boys out there living their best life with banter, drinks, steaks and chess. Love to see it.

  25. Eric alwayss with high good energy ☺. Luv this chanel.

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