I Played This Aggressive Opening For 20 Years And Even Defeated GMs

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares his secret attacking variation in the Nimzo-Indian Defense, an excellent chess opening for Black against 1.d4. It arises after the following moves: 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4. By not playing d5, Black avoids committing to a pawn structure, making it more flexible.

Many chess players shy away from playing the Nimzo-Indian Defense due to its complicated nature and the variety of options White has for the fourth move, which requires Black to learn a lot of theory.

However, in this video lesson, GM Smirnov reveals a secret variation that serves as a solid opening system for Black. This variation eliminates the need to master the complex theories of the Nimzo-Indian Defense and can be played against all of White’s responses. It also offers the opportunity to launch a powerful kingside attack.

► Chapters

00:00 Nimzo-Indian Defense Chess Opening For Black
01:04 The problem with the Nimzo-Indian (why they don’t play it)
01:50 1) White plays 4.Nf3
03:34 Fianchetto the Queenside Bishop
05:12 Kingside attacking plan for Black
07:07 Nasty checkmating threats
10:18 If White attacks with Ba3
13:25 If White doesn’t play g3
14:45 2) White plays 4.e3
16:54 3) White plays 4.a3
19:00 4) White plays 4.Qc2
20:26 5) White plays 4.Bg5
23:50 If White plays Rc1 to defend c3

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  1. My problem with the Nimzo is 3. Nf3. I guess I could try Bb4+ and hope for Nc3.

  2. i can tell you why it's called indian – in india, pawns could move only one square, therefore all openings without double pawn moves are called indian something. imo

  3. What if white plays 4. Bd2 removing the pin? What is black's best move?

  4. The nimzo indian is one of the most theoretical openings in all of chess 😭

  5. Thank you! This is very helpful. I hope I apply these things in my games successfully.

  6. All the Indian Defenses, that I know, usually start with 1.d4. Nf6.(King's Indian, Gruenfeld Indian, Nimzo Indian, Bogo Indian. (Exception:King's Indian Attack for white.)

  7. His father may be Indian and your mother stayed in India for a while so that you could be produced 😂

  8. What a great video! Wow thanks 🙏

  9. Finally a Nimzo lecture! I actually found out Ne4 is very effective against Nf3 variations (until someone on a tourney played f3, sad times) but I wouldn't have guessed such awesome mating ideas are possible. I just knew something, something, probably rook lift. Awesome stuff, thanks!

  10. I theorize someone was having a fun day when they made this thumbnail.

  11. My new go-to 1.d4 Opening ! Already making my Lichess Study

  12. 23:21 knight takes d5 isn't a blunder doesn't opponent wins knight with queen check ?

  13. Btw its named "indian" because in the indian variant of chess (the old chess) pawns could only move 1 square, thats why the queens indian, the kings indian etc… are named indian bc u move the pawn only 1 square

  14. Спасибо, классное видео! Будет совсем нагло спросить что играем на 4.f3 ? 🙂

  15. I dont know why but every time I try your openings at 1800 rating my opponent always does a weird move that ruins my plans

  16. Spoiler alert: your opponents will not play any of these moves.

  17. 7:54 How is checkmate when the pawn from F2 can come forward?

  18. I haven't won a SINGLE game trying this opening so far – simply because my opponents keep playing the classical London and none of this seems to work (around 1200 rating range in rapid). Help?

  19. What's your preferred method of dealing with 3. Nf3 instead of 3. Nc3?

  20. My friend plays Queen's gambit and I always lose. Now the table is flipped

  21. RCA is the best chess teaching channel on youtube, you deserve millions of subs

  22. What if opp pushes pawn a3 to remove pin at start

  23. Igor: Nimzo-Indian
    me: closes the video immediately 😂

  24. You should have kept this one under wraps Igor. Now I will bring the pain! 😀Thanks mate

  25. For some reason 1500s on Lichess always go for this opening.

  26. What if they don't play queen's gambit line after queens pawn opening

  27. superb video a much needed one as i was looking for a solid and aggressive opening against black. Keep up the good work

  28. This is what I asked for. Thanks ❤️

  29. Hi Igor. Thanks for the brilliant video. Can you somehow also use this system if white plays the anti Nimzo indian defense with Nf3 to start with instead of Nc3? Would you then have to reply with Ne4 right away? What line would you recommend in that case?

  30. @gmigorsmirnov thank you for all your videos. Do you prefer this system vs Benoni? and why?

  31. @21:56 I would do Bxc3-PxB-Qa5. If white use Q to defend the pawn on c3 then black counter with Ne4 threathning B on g5, any of these combo will make the Bg5 retreat then white can castle. I think 😅, my brain can only visualize 3 moves 😅. If Q defend the Pc3 by moving to Qd3, Ne4 sac then white loses a rook. in any case it is equalize and black castles first.

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