I Tried Blindfold Chess vs @GothamChess


  1. I mean it isn’t hard to do this if your opponent tells you the current location

  2. She had a rook so she can eat the queen what an idiot

  3. She didn’t know this dudes the best blindfolded player

  4. if I was with him the second he said I will wear a blindfold I'm outta there
    I can barely play chess with people LETTING me win

  5. this has the same vibe as that clip from classroom of the elite where the main guy fights 4 people

  6. Wtf is u are bad at chess and dude knows this 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. someone needs to animate this as a match of wizard's chess

  8. Yeah I paused before it started and this is crazy

  9. If she takes the queen with the king, it is not checkmate.

  10. Honestly, her chances at losing increased when he said he's playing blindfolded. 🤣

  11. Who's protecting the queen for the king to take

  12. It wasn’t checkmate as the king could have taken the queen

  13. Ok try it again But dont TELL him what youre doing

  14. People don’t realize chess is a memory game. So it’s not all that impressive that someone is blindfolded long as someone has a good memory

  15. what the hell just what the FUCK my guy is a god in chess

  16. Him making quick moves is much more impressive, to me, than him knowing a grid blindfolded.

  17. the genius video editor showed her playing the mate before he even says queen

  18. If that was me I would move his pawns to the wrong thing, I mean how would he know?🤭😅

  19. Wtf… He is loosing his queen🤦🤦🤦and then would get chessmate in 3 moves… 🤦

  20. I can BARELY play chess and he's playing blindfolded. Respect to you

  21. What can you say, he is a scholar.

    He didn't even London, cuz she start from the side lol.

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