If chess pieces could talk:

#shorts #chess #memes #tiktok If chess pieces had an conversation.


  1. The bishop is the best at ambushing
    The knight is best at attack
    The rook is the best piece in general
    But the pawn is the ULTIMATE clutch piece 🗿

  2. When one the pieces says who a owl said who

  3. You know you can't checkmate with just a Queen.

    Edit:this is a joke

  4. The knight can fork the most peices ;]

  5. Rook is strongest out of knight and bishop

  6. Until I scroll this video I just saw as that. Please. Where is the Chess piece or

  7. Don’t mess with the pawn he’ll become a queen

  8. Ok the pawn asking to fight is actually funny as hell.

  9. Why they look like made of white chocolate i wanna eat them

  10. The queen is a women. The pawn is a girl because it can become the queen. The pawn can become any pieces except for the king, meaning all of the pieces except the king is a girl…

  11. So if the pawn gave birth to all of them, then why would they bully their own mother?

  12. Bishop: At least I’m not stuck in the corners
    Rook: It’s Castling time

  13. Rook, bishop, and knight laughing at the pawn when the queen appears

    Me: Wait, the king is probably getting mated rn

  14. Queen he is the he gave birth to all of us except for the king
    Rook and wheres the king
    Queen realizes oh sh@t
    King guys where are you!?
    Black queen checkmate

  15. Pawn:can do en passant
    Can promote into queen knight bishop and tha rook


  17. How was the King born? If the pawn makes it to the other side then it can turn into a knight, bishop, rook, or a Queen. So how was the King born?

  18. When you explain chess game in 30 seconds 😅

  19. Best pices is hores because it can fork all of pices hores it can fork 5 6 3 king and rook and queen

  20. The pawn is not useless because it can promote in to a Queen,Rook, Knight-and bishop if it can get to the end

  21. 🤣🤨. King’s all like: “Are we still playing” 🥹

  22. Alternative view " the king is the strongest piece in the game, it controls the other pieces, even the queen has to die for him"

  23. Remember any pawn can become a queen while there is only one king. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the queen to win the game. Keep ya head up brothers 💯🍷

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