If this happened in a tournament game, I’d run to a forest and scream for an hour. · Training Game

It’s always painful to throw a win away, regardless of whether it’s a training game or an actual one, but, what I did in this game is so ridiculous that I actually feel relief. I am never going to repeat this mistake over the board. There’s no way. It’s burned into my memory.

1. c4 c6 2. e4 d5 3. exd5 cxd5 4. cxd5 Nf6 { B10 Caro-Kann Defense: Accelerated Panov Attack, Modern Variation } 5. Nc3 Nxd5 6. Bc4 e6 7. Nf3 Be7 8. O-O O-O 9. Re1 Nc6 10. d4 Nf6 11. Bf4 Nb4 12. a3 Nbd5 13. Nxd5 Nxd5 14. Bxd5 exd5 15. Qe2 Be6 16. Rac1 Qb6 17. Qd3 Rac8 18. b4 h6 19. Ne5 Rfe8 20. h3 Bf6 21. Rc3 Rxc3 22. Qxc3 Rc8 23. Qd3 Bxe5 24. Bxe5 Qd8 25. Qg3 Qg5 26. Qf3 Rc2 27. Re3 b5 28. Qd1 Rc4 29. Rg3 Rc1 30. Qxc1 Qxc1+ 31. Kh2 g6 32. Rf3 Bf5 33. Re3 Be4 34. Bf4 Qc6 35. f3 Bf5 36. Re7 a6 37. Rc7 Qe6 38. Rc3 g5 39. Be5 h5 40. Re3 f6 41. Bf4 gxf4 42. Rxe6 Bxe6 43. h4 Kf7 44. Kg1 { White offers draw } { The game is a draw. } 1/2-1/2

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  1. The -4.0 is easy to explain. It calculates as far as it can see and evaluates that it is a bishop up. There is nothing in the evaluation of a position about the question "Am I making progress or not?". Of course it could be programmed but it would slow down the engine and would lead to weaker overall play. This is a well known case.

  2. Stjepan thank you for the videos. I'm really enjoying your 'calculating out loud' but I must say that sometimes you throw me off my calling out wrong squares e.g. Ng4 instead of Ng5 or you say I have bishop on d5 but you haven't.
    Thank you anyway. Really good games.
    I thought you were going to lose this one on time by looking at the caption so it's good that it was a draw.

  3. Thank you for making this mistake so it can be burned into my memory too and I learn from it. Really interesting, if also tragic.Also you should totally should have offered a take back at the end, just for kicks

  4. "I will always have that square" (C4). Opponent plays Ne5….. 😂

  5. 23:36 would Re3 threatening Rg3 here be an idea for white? how should black react to that?

  6. Will you ever make a video on the accelrated panov caro-kann?

  7. Sir Can you Teach The Ruy Lopez for Fide 1100 – 1400

  8. Your recent thumbnails and titles have been so GOOD, like i would love to watch them. But the problem is the videos are like 50 mins each and I am a student🥲💔. A medical student🙂

  9. Recently i faced a 2300 opponent on a local tournament, he played a benko and i have a very deep prep o benko, i managed to hold my advantage, break the center, got completely winning, promoted a queen, was up a whole rook, and I almost drew because I over simplified into a winning pawn endgame (3 pawns vs 2paws on same flank), I actually messed up and he had a draw opportunity for 1 move, i knew it could be trick but i was too lazy, never doing this again 😅

  10. I really don't understand why the Lichess engine says -3 at the end. I've never seen it proclaim win in a dead-drawn position before.

  11. 6:00 I love it when Stephen gets serious and hits 'em with the Forehead Finger Fold

  12. One time my opponent asked for take back, I allowed it. Then later in the same game I asked for take back and got it too. We kept swapping take backs into the end game and it was a draw with just 2 kings remaining haha.

  13. taking with the pawn is inferior to queen takes im pretty sure. To develope your bishop you always have the plan of a6 b5 as you mentioned. Pawn takes allows a stronger knight on e5.

  14. You can disable takebacks in the Lichess settings.

  15. in that endgame why not try Bd3, f5 and Be4. He cant take the bishop because of conected passed pawns and you are threating to sacrifice the piece and be a pawn up.

  16. My man, really good and insightful game, but why you dont try to the end? Of course its theoretically draw, but you are the only side that can win this eventually so why dont play for free? 🙂

  17. Be4!? is still a draw but if fxe4?? white wins. Would be my last trick

  18. Just yesterday I was playing a game three pawns up and with insane kingside pressure. I sacrificed my bishop because I thought I had a forced mate but missed a move, so it became a draw. I then messed up the draw thinking I could go for a win and lost. I have never been more disappointed in myself.

  19. Thats not the worst way to lose a win though

  20. I often want to run into a forest and scream after my chess games.

  21. If you hate that line there is a much more dynamic and also sound alternative: not 6…e6 but 6…Nb6 7.Bb5+ Nc6 8.d4 Be6 followed by a kingside fianchetto, Rc8 and then …Bg4 to pressure White's d-pawn. 🤘🤘

  22. I once missed a mate in one in a tournament game. I was winning the entire game when I walked my king into a delicate situation where my opponent had a mate in one threat. I saw the threat before walking my king there and prevented the mate but it turned out he had a second mate in one threat 🙁 (I’m 1900 OTB btw)

  23. I think om means “on mobile.” Your opponent may have played Qd3 more or less accidentally because they were using a touchscreen and had a bad connection. That would explain why they asked to take back the move. Not that I blame you (or anyone) for not accepting the takeback request.

  24. 6…Nb6 was interestingly the very first move I thought of upon seeing the position and the database agrees.

  25. I'm only 3 min in. Stephan if the accelerated panov is your least favorite variation it's because you're not booked up enough. Black is instantly equal in this one….. You just need to know the common white mistakes to be exploited. Look forward to this variation and get excited when you see it.

  26. Can someone explain why the engine thinks it isn't a draw?

  27. Hi Stjepan. Don't be a slave to the computer. In such an endgame, if all top three lines have the same evaluation there is no progress. Computers often have problems with fortresses like this.

  28. I think lichess engine is broke. I set up a forced draw position and all engine lines led to the draw but it was a big advantage in starter position only because it was a rook in the game. I think it calculate -4 because you have a bishop

  29. Stjepan, you won White's Queen after his blunder, but you could have won material one move earlier than pinning the Queen, after 28.Qd1. Instead of playing 28…Rc4 automatically (just because you already had it in mind), you should not have missed the tactics 28…Bxh3, where your Bishop could not have been captured by the Rook or you would have pinned the Queen (29.Rxh3? Rc1)

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