IM Sagar Shah’s talk on how to introduce chess at grassroots and in schools | Chess-O-Disha

Chess in Schools is a project that everyone speaks about and it sounds extremely ideal to implement. Chess is a positive sport and there are a lot of learnings from it. Introducing it in schools would only enhance the lives of the young generation of the country. However, the ground reality is that implementation of the Chess in Schools program is extremely tough.

In order to make the chess in schools program a reality in Odisha, IM Sagar Shah was invited to the Chess-O-Disha seminar which was held in Bhubaneshwar on 8th of October 2023 by the Government of Odisha. The idea was to identify the roadmap of how to introduce chess at the grassroot level and chess in schools.

Most of the time in such conferences, a lot of time is dedicated to speaking about the curriculum that should be implemented and while the curriculum is important, what Sagar tried to focus on is how to build a culture of chess in a region more than just the syllabus. If you are a person who wants to introduce chess in your school, in your locality, or in your city, this video can give you some interesting ideas to play with.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Развивай канал и никогда не забрасывай! Toп!

  2. Finally, I found this treasure trove of wisdom! It's a roadmap for life's challenges. — "Life's obstacles are opportunities in disguise."

  3. Being the Head Coach of All Tripura Chess Association , I have been giving a number of presentations in schools and other organizations like ONGC etc. I can see there is a huge rise in interest in Chess among the crowd. And you, Sagar sir is the pioneer of this Chess revolution in India in this digital age . A lot to learn from you. – Pratik Debnath

  4. Yesterday i scored 5 point outof 7 in dso chess competition

  5. Gem of a video . Hands down Sagar is THE Top Chess Communicator , Inspirer in the World

  6. Sagar is creating Revolution .
    Samay also has good contribution .

  7. Dear sagar, please try to get chess in. Dibrugarh, assam as there are many chess fellows here who wants to play chess.

  8. Ghar ghar chess , har ghar chess ♟️🎉❤

  9. What an amazing video! — "Embrace the process, and you'll reach new heights."

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