Impossible to Calculate Everything! || Vaishali vs Gukesh || Qatar 2023

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Photos by Lennart Ootes

Gukesh D (2758) – Vaishali, Rameshbabu (2448)
Qatar Masters ( [6] 2023.10.17
D34 Queen’s Gambit Declined, Tarrasch, Prague variation, 9.Bg5

1.c4 e6 2.Nf3 d5 3.d4 c5 4.cxd5 exd5 5.g3 Nf6 6.Bg2 Nc6 7.O-O Be7 8.Nc3 O-O 9.Bg5 c4 10.e3 Be6 11.Nd2 h6 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.b3 cxb3 14.Qxb3 Na5 15.Qb2 Qd7 16.Rfc1 Rac8 17.a4 a6 18.Qa2 Rfd8 19.Rab1 Be7 20.Ne2 Rxc1+ 21.Rxc1 Bb4 22.Nb3 Nc4 23.Nf4 b6 24.Na1 Rc8 25.h4 Ba3 26.Rc3 Bb4 27.Rc2 b5 28.axb5 axb5 29.Rc1 Bd2 30.Rb1 b4 31.Nb3 Bc3 32.Nc5 Qd6 33.Rc1 Rb8 34.Qa7 b3 35.Nfxe6 b2 36.Rb1 fxe6 37.Nxe6 Qxe6 38.Qxb8+ Kh7 39.Qb3 Qf5 40.e4 dxe4 41.Qxc3 e3 42.Rxb2

00:00 Hello Everyone!

Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura top the field for the Qatar Masters, a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 11–20 October 2023 in Lusail, Qatar. The prize fund is $110,000.

Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. Official website:

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  1. The noice happens every time you say something. This means that there is a problem from the mic to the computer.
    The mic is going bad, a cable might have a short, etc. try replacing one component at a time and we’ll let you know

  2. Its still buzzing sir. Everytime you speak it buzz also. However it was a great game👏👏

  3. BUZZING NOISE: I was watching the video on iPhone7 with airpods3 and clearly heard the buzzing sound. It is really annoying I have to say. It can only be heard if you are speaking, so maybe there is a problem with your mic..

  4. There is a buzzing sound.. You can hear it without the headphones.. With them it is more clear

  5. Able to hear buzzing sound when you speak. Must be something related to your microphone. Try changing that

  6. I didn't even notice the buzzing untill he said something about it now I can't stop hearing it lol

  7. to me, the "buzzing sound" sounds like a hard drive that writes something to the disk. but you added a gate, so that's great – i don't realy mind 😉

  8. When you face a female opponent that looks like Praggnanandha, you can be in trouble. 😆

  9. I think Gukesh will soon reach 2800, while I wish Vaishali to get GM title.

  10. There is a buzzing sound in the video. It might be related to the connectors. There might be carbon when the male female connectors touches each other

  11. I'm still listening the "bzzzzz" sound.
    It seems like an electric interference sound caused only when you're talking.

  12. Yep, high frequency noise when you talk.

  13. Please frequency analysator. You will find it. The sound only appears during you speaking and stops when you stop speaking. Previously it was louder, now it’s quieter but it’s still there.

    Also, buy Apple’s Air pods. You will hesr the sound eith them.

  14. Monster Mate by Knight would be good name for the check mate by night

  15. headphones here – nu buzzing sound.

  16. Check your head phones maybe need new or better ones

  17. Yeah, there is a noise. At first I thought it is something in my room, or with my headphones. But it is clearly goes from the video. Barely audible, but certainly there.

  18. Agad don’t worry too much about the buzzing sound it’s been in you video since 2018 but it often makes me sleep so I preferred watching you then because of that. But it’s cool

  19. buzzing for sure, just when you are talking. So might be a mic issue.

  20. Gukesh keeping up with the expectations and winning the game. Good game

  21. Try a change of mic though it is unlikely

  22. agad! What if the "buzzing noise" is just the people's revenge on you for the "sorry about that" move? 🤔

  23. Omg now that you mention it, I hear it now. This seems to be a problem on ur mic or your voice recording software.

  24. Agadmator is getting old. Those low frequency sound are like cat claws on blackboard.

  25. Just wanted to say thank you for putting so much time into these videos. I am just a humble rookie who got into chess about 6 years ago and casually play a little each week. But I have learned so much from watching your content and enjoy it even if I am not playing much at that time. Thank you from Texas

  26. Your mic is pretty old i think which causing the noise

  27. I don't hear any buzzing sound and never have.

  28. There still is a buzzing noise it is usually a loose connection or a faulty cable. If you've tried replacing the cable, but are still experiencing an unusual noise, it could be a faulty microphone that has been damaged internally. Look up the manufacturer's warranty and see if you can get a replacement or get it fixed.

  29. are we looking at indians as top male and female players in the future?

  30. The buzz could be coming from your audio sound card

  31. Stopped allowing D5 & they flounder Everytime

  32. I hear the buzzing and I hear a baby, maybe on a baby monitor/intercom. Don't know if there's a new born baby near by that is getting picked up…..somehow…on the video

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