Is This Even Chess Anymore? | 4 PLAYER CHESS with Anna Rudolf, Cramling and Nemo Zhou

Woman FIDE Master Anna Cramling and Woman Grandmaster Dina Belenkaya battle against
International Master Anna Rudolf and Woman Grandmaster Nemo Zhou in a game of 4 PLAYER CHESS.

What is 4 Player Chess?
It is a chess variant played by four people. The game always starts with the red player and follows in a clockwise order. The board, has 160 squares (instead of 64) because three extra ranks are added to each side.

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Anna Cramling ► @AnnaCramling
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  1. Anna C figures out how to draw arrows on the board, immediately suggests an illegal move for her Queen.

  2. Fun first video of yours to watch, surprise ending 🙂 Was enjoyable. Happy first of May.

  3. I'm lucky. Four person which all I like and playing in one of my favourite format.

  4. Four hot girls trying to mate each other. This is not chess, this is porn.

  5. Chaos , babbling …..takes over 5 min to find out its a team game…although The Clueless behavior is typical for a 4 player chess video. I wonder why there wasn't a little prep ? ….or explanation of 4 player Chess in the description ? A confused viewer
    is not a happy one.

  6. I will never understand this four players chess, sometimes I surprise myself at how stupid I am🤔


  8. No, wait, the video's too short and I'm crying.

  9. Click bait. Not cool. Where is the position of the thumbnail?

  10. You've got a great personality for this kind of content! Good video!

  11. This was awesome! We need more like this 🙂

  12. Alphazero please play this game and write a strategy book. I can see this game taking a really long time to figure out.

  13. Wahoo!! All my favorite female chess streamers in one place!!

  14. C'est amusant mais ce jeu semble très difficile. Il faut regarder partout et on peut être attaqué 3 fois avant de pouvoir répondre.

  15. Oh man, I had no idea of what was going on. But I was entertained. 4 player chess is always confusing to me.

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