It Took Me 3 Minutes and 34 Seconds To Realise How GOOD This Kid Was.

I played chess against a super strong 8 year old whilst being in London! Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. I bet she will move her king again … yep… Rook B2 is so much better, sigh …

  2. That was an interesting end game, of which I only understood some of the moves. The kid played great.

  3. Anna needs kept ignoring the open center, sigh

  4. Anna, your videos were the first chess videos I ever watched a couple months ago. You got me in the chess and I just wanted to give you a small thanks. Keep being a good example for the game!

  5. I love all your videos, but please name your opening something besides the "cow". You need something a little cooler. Cows are just not really known for kicking butt.

  6. He went and had a good cry somewhere. 😆

  7. That kid has some awesome old soul vibes and mannerisms.

  8. Well done Anna, I am glad you won. The lad's inexperience let him down and he seemed a bit embarrassed after, but no need for that, he did well. Good to see u back, been waiting for ur next vid.

  9. in the future a lot of kids will turn into GM lol😛😛😛

  10. The pawn takes pawn move at 1:15 was an illegal move no? I am a novice player but that looked a bit suspicious to me. I feel like Anna would have caught it but I could be wrong.

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  12. If the world was full of Anna's, it would be a utopia.

  13. It might sound bad, but I'm really glad Anna didn't hold back against him – he definitely was up for the challenge and has probably flattened loads of unsuspecting opponents in the past, and this will teach him that he still has some learning to do and hopefully will motivate him to see that others still have a lot they can teach him! It really seemed like this game was going to be a draw at a couple of points, so he really held his ground and the smallest slip up could have led to his victory!

  14. Not the last time we're going to see that young man at the board. Loved watching. Chess Princess

  15. He had only one blunder, he played very well 👏

  16. “Hello!” “Hi”
    “Hi” “Hi”
    Anna cackles maniacally for several seconds

  17. Anna you are great with kids, that was a pleasant chess game. Have an awesomeness day.

  18. What was his estimated Elo? He played so well👏🏼

  19. Anna Cramling: from laughing at the kid to "If I lose to him, that would be a disaster"

  20. Does Magnus Carlsen have an adopted son somehow?

  21. Anna at her 50s: "I beat the current world champion once. He was a little shorter back then"

  22. He wasn't sticking around at the end… he had business to attend to

  23. I have a kinda feeling, that kid's teacher is his granddad. Some old valuations are visible, for example a bishop for knight, or pawn positioning. Maybe it's time for this kid to give him some modern chess theory? The potential is obviously visible.

  24. Can u come to DC and do a video in DuPont circle and other various coffee shops we have here? That would be great content for you and myself!🥰🥰🥰

  25. Sorry Ne1 and back to f3 for no reason means he's a puck

  26. Great at chess, but he never looked her in the eye.

  27. wait till this kids a adult and he will absolutely crush everyone

  28. The video would be nicer when there would have been a little bit more of chess. Show us where you are and talk a little bit with us 🙂

  29. Dang, the kid is pretty good. But I think you broke his little heart.

  30. They are never good at end games in that age, but usually they flip the table, when they loose.

  31. When will you condemn   Hamas for their terrorist activities?

  32. Imagine what he's gonna do when he's like 14yo.

  33. Anna once again reiterating, when you sit down to play a kid… take them to the endgame.

  34. Him helping her set up her pieces was very cute. Hope to see this kid as a top player in the future.

  35. He was bitten by the Chess bug when he was 5 years old. Lookout people!!

  36. Saludes desde los Ángeles I love your videos 😃🇲🇽👍

  37. dude was coached by naroditsky and still lost

  38. Sorry but the girl is really stupid. Not just about chess. It is seen as she judges.

  39. The young lad is sharp. No doubt.
    I enjoyed watching this video very much.

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