Levy Beats Alireza Firouzja

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  1. The difference between an IM and GM is not a massive gulf of new or secret information, its repetition of familiar positions. Pattern recognition and the speed at which one master recognizes those positions OTB

  2. The greatest talent of the generation vs Alireza Firouzja

  3. can we start a petition for levy to do a stream high to see if his nerves go away?

  4. Let's go, Levy! And mad respect to Firouja.

  5. Levy milking that he beat the #1, i respect that.

  6. "what the f* I'm playing Firouzja, how is what.."

    My man was a bit scared

  7. This Levy guy is pretty good.
    I bet he'll be a GM soon

  8. NGL, I thought the title was in different language 😫

  9. Hey Levy, what’s that book in the background about?

  10. At the beginning, the best move is to sacrifice the queen with check and play knight d5 discovered check

  11. I think Got ham has posted more about this w than his w against Hikaru lol

  12. the most impressive shit I’ve seen levy do by a mile

  13. You don't need a GM title Levy. You defeated GM's many times. So title doesn't matter much. Best thing is you were so happy after match.

  14. Win on Time, wouldn't count as win but saved by the bell. 😅

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