Levy & The 3 Kings: A Fairy Tale | GMs Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Teimour Radjabov 4 Player Chess

4 player chess with GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Anish Giri, and GM Teimour Radjabov vs. GothamChess in a bunch of funny 4p variants. At some moment, fun and chaos happens when Levy can decide the winner.

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  1. Radjabov looks so focused. He really wants to win, always. I like that spirit.

  2. This was amazing! Seeing Anish dressed up reminded me of a stream about a month ago, where you told Hikaru you guys should dress up in tuxedo's and commentate on players under 1500. I would still love to see that at some point!

  3. I think bong cloud might actually make sense for first game.

  4. Surprising how Anish didn't make this game a draw

  5. Man…. the chess tour doesn’t make justice with the gms. I couldn’t tell teimor and giri were such easy going. Also I would never call giri a goofy man lol

  6. Three of the strongest players in the world! No disrespect to Levy, who is ridiculously strong in his own right. Out of all the weird and (mostly bad) stuff that's happened this year, I'm glad the top-level chess community has migrated onto the net so that we can watch cool stuff like this.

  7. This stream was too much fun, we need another one with all of them for some other variants like bug house or something else.

  8. Levi is more like d'Artagnan to the three Musketeers

  9. Levy you should add Chat as well. Twitch chat is a major part of content and its fun to watch chat and stream together.

  10. Aww what happened to agadmator and Eric rosen?? Woulda loved to see them again

  11. Big fan of all 4..its impressive that levy feels so humble and cool and gently listens to them talk… Otherwise he is so funny himself 💝

  12. Lots of love ❤ from India for levy and hikaru. They are a big reason of the chess boom in 🇮🇳.

  13. 10:16 the Russian guy could have moved his king in a diagonal and won

  14. I might be wrong but hikaru seemed like he wasn't opening up/freely speaking in this one

  15. Hikaru : King
    Levy : King's Buffon
    Teimour : Knight
    Anish : CEO of Google

  16. The YouTube chess guys have the best thumbnails in the game.

  17. Ok now im following GiriOnYT prolly on twitch maybe if he has

  18. your calculations are too deep..and they are wrong

  19. 4pc was more fun with Botez and Qiyu, also Anish and Vidit

  20. Only 15k views channel is basically dead

  21. The chemistry among these 4 awesome guys is super fun!

  22. For 9:52 why doesnt green play king to k7 where the knight still has to take him?

  23. pov: you came here to see Gothamchess's least popular video

  24. Would be so funny if they all started speaking Russian to each other and Hikaru was just sitting there confused.

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