Magician for a Reason 🐐❤️


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  1. I quite literally saw a game where mikhali sacraficed like 20 points of material and still won

  2. Потому что Магнус более разносторонний человек. Он не стал заменять жизнь шахматами. А Михаил Таль сделал этл

  3. Mikhail tal is a Historical player no one like this outstanding magician ❤❤❤

  4. Tal and yor true love from chess… Example!!!

  5. Clown 🤡. Magnus would body this "magician" 10-0 💀💀

  6. Mikhail Tal will take you deep into the forest where 2+2=1 which means only one will make out from there

  7. Tal was the best, hands down, took chess to the grave with him whilst these guys were too afraid

  8. This is the definition of death doesn't matter

  9. m I k h a i l =7
    thala for a reason 😅😅😅

  10. But that also not world championship ship so he just played normal tournament game

  11. Once in a while, there's a competitor in every game or sport who embodies the spirit of the Drunken master.

  12. U just got Fischer to quit chess at 29 bc he realised what chess really is earlier than humanity. Now u r gonna make a vid out of it???

  13. dedication we always play the tal variation of the Sicilian

  14. My relative (dr iqbal) was a chess master (i will not gonna say grandmaster because he wasnt that good but he was still really good) whenever someone wents to his house he offers (or we say force) them to play chess him and even if the other makes an excuse that he doesn't know how to play so then he literally that that exact moment starts to teach him how to play it.I wish he was still alive.May Allah grant him jannah.

  15. There is difference between hobby and passion 😉

  16. Only reason I got into chess is I watched Mikhails game I understood the basics but when I saw what he could do I just wanted to play it didn't seem boring anymore

  17. There can be magnus,there fan be kasparov,there can be Anand, there can be fisher,there can be stockfish,but there is only one magician

  18. Vishy deserves to be up with him ❤❤❤

  19. The monster of the Deep dark Forest Position In chess

  20. He isnt called the magician without a reason his games were are and always will be celebrated by any chess player regardless of the win / loss result 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  21. Magnus is still actively playing chess though, just not the formats he doesn't like.

  22. Tal be like bye boy no rematch now😂😂

  23. Even vishy sir is still in top 20 player at the age of 54.

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